31 Dec. 1969 - 19 Jan. 2011

Angelology School Tours

The Model is offering a unique opportunity for schools to book a guided tour of Angelology, a major exhibition at The Model, 23rd October 2010 to 16th January 2011. Tours will take place on Wednesdays and through participating in this programme, teachers will gain new ideas for incorporating art in the classroom.

Observer - From the series Angelology

A resource schools pack accompanies this show and can be down-loaded from The Model’s website from mid November. Schools are encouraged to use the resource pack as preparatory material before visiting the exhibition. This resource also provides follow up activities and information on the exhibition to be used in the class-room and after your visit.

Schools are also invited to a guided tour of The Niland Collection Flight, 2nd October – 10th January. Note that no resource pack accompanies this exhibition.

Guided tours may be booked for primary, secondary and third level students with a minimum of two weeks notice.

To book a Wednesday tour, please call The Model on 07191 41405 or email: marielouise@modelart.ie

Teacher and Student guides of the exhibition are also available for both Primary and Secondary schools


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