22 Feb. 2018

The Model is an exciting family-friendly arts centre with dedicated education spaces, a cinema, theatre space, cafe and bookshop. We host regular workshops, childrens cinema and a unique programme for young children and parents.

  • Sligo Children's Book Festival 2018

    02 - 31 Mar. 2018 / Sligo Children’s Book Festival celebrates literacy and creativity for parents and young children living in the North West. Bringing you a host of events throughout the month of March, the festival invites you to step into a world of magic, where books come to life through performances, readings and workshop events.

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  • Art Trap: Special Book Festival Dates

    11 Feb. - 18 Mar. 2018 / ArtTrap on Sundays is a perfect space for children to innovate, explore and experiment, using art and craft making processes.

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  • Monkeyshine Theatre: ‘The Magic Bookshop’

    20 - 21 Mar. 2018 / The Magic Bookshop is a treasure trove of wonders where old books flock together and their stories hop from the pages.

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  • Family Day Easter Special

    25 Mar. 2018 / Running out of ideas for this year’s Easter decorations? Join artists Sinead O’Hanlon and Ana Faye to make your very own Fabergé-style Easter eggs and hand-printed Easter cards.

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  • Children's Lunch Time Cinema

    27 - 30 Mar. 2018 / Lunchtime secret screening for children at The Model. This pop-up cinema invites children of all ages to enjoy an afternoon of enchanting screen-time with a range of film adapted from your favourite books.

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  • Art and Yoga Easter Camp

    04 - 06 Apr. 2018 / Exploring and encouraging children’s creativity through a blend of art and yoga.

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