20 Sep. - 27 Oct. 2011

School Days at The Model: Secondary Level

School Days at The Model takes place in The Model galleries every Wednesday and examines the work of the current exhibition, The Tunnel, by contemporary artist, Omer Fast.

Omer Fast is a lens-based artist and his two installations are Five Thousand Feet is the Best and Nostalgia. The guided tour and study guide is aimed at transition year/leaving certificate students and specifically addresses the leaving certificate question; regarding a visit to an art gallery. The gallery tour and study guide examines the layout and display of the exhibition, including an in-depth discussion of the works in the exhibition.

Booking is essential for School Days at The Model, although the class can navigate the exhibition themselves, during The Model opening hours (see below), we recommend you use our study guide.

Click here to download the Omer Fast Resource Pack and Study Guide.

This guide is ready to download from our website and is our on-line ‘resource room’ to the exhibition. To make this educational resource come to life, School Days at The Model offers tours of the exhibition; addressing questions such as the layout of an exhibition and manipulation of space. This is a great opportunity to make comparisons between the contemporary galleries and the more traditionally curated exhibitions from the Niland collection.

To make a booking, email info@themodel.ie or phone 0719141405.


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