28 May. 2018

Our educational tours aim to provide an opportunity for pupils to explore their own creativity through the inspiration they receive from the paintings in our Gallery. We strive to make our sessions as interactive as possible, encouraging the pupils to become immersed in the discovery of the subject. For the teacher we hope to give ideas as to how to use art to further enhance and support other curricular areas such as language development and critical thinking skills through discussion.

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  • Autumn School Tours

    02 Nov. 2017 - 29 Jun. 2018 / The Model invites teachers and tutors from primary, secondary and third level to book a specialised tour and talk for their student group/class.

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  • Eamon O’Kane: A History of Play

    26 May - 31 Aug. 2018 / In this colourful three dimensional installation, children are invited to explore shape, colour and constructive design through imaginative and creative play.

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  • Imagine to Imagine Workshop

    19 - 22 Jun. 2018 / An art camp for teenagers in response to the summer exhibition Future Perfect with Brazilian artist Lilian Scholtes. Humorous and ironic artworks in this show operate at the interface of art and life and we invite teenagers to engage in this unique workshop through art-making and participatory actions.

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