06 Feb. 2016

Our educational tours aim to provide an opportunity for pupils to explore their own creativity through the inspiration they receive from the paintings in our Gallery. We strive to make our sessions as interactive as possible, encouraging the pupils to become immersed in the discovery of the subject. For the teacher we hope to give ideas as to how to use art to further enhance and support other curricular areas such as language development and critical thinking skills through discussion.

We run many different types of tours, a sensory activity/tour, artful writing,Yeats themed information led tour chronicling Jack Yeats life and paintings in our collection and discussion of same, seasonal craft e.g. Halloween/ Christmas using the paintings in the gallery for inspiration, Story and Art, exploring the use of story, literature and poetry to inspire art. In conjunction with all of the above we provide the children with clipboards, sketch paper and charcoal/pencils and encourage the children to sketch their own creations using the gallery paintings for inspiration.

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