28 Mar. - 16 Jun. 2013

Wednesday Tours: School Days at The Model

School Days at The Model takes place on Wednesdays during term time. Schools are invited to participate in tours of the current exhibitions of the Niland Collection: Illustrations to the Stories of Red Hanrahan, by Norah McGuinness and Women Artists of the Twentieth Century and also included is a tour of the Contemporary show, An Anatomical Chart of Love Pains

There is an on-line education guide available for primary school teachers to download for the exhibition, Illustrations to the Stories of Red Hanrahan. The primary school education guide includes notes for the teacher with five stories to read to the children and there are also a series of activities to do either in the gallery or back in the classroom.

Click here to download the Education Pack for Primary School

Also click here to download a Children’s Activity Sheet on Jack B. Yeats and horses

There is €1 voluntary contribution asked from each student towards the upkeep of the Model’s Art Collection and general running of the gallery. This donation can be given to the receptionist in The Model during the schools’ visit and tour of the exhibition. To make a booking, email info@themodel.ie or phone 07191 41405.

The Education Pack on the Illustrations to the stories of Red Hanrahan by Norah McGuinness and the Children’s Activity Sheet on the works of Jack B. Yeats, were created and devised by Lara Byrne.

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