31 Dec. 1969 - 31 Dec. 2012

Young Curators: Double Vision

An exhibition Curated by Young Curators at The Model, Sligo.

Niland Collection Store

11 Feb – 06 May

Curated by two groups of young curators as part of an International Fund for Ireland cross-border partnership project, Double Vision brings together young people from Sligo and Antrim to consider issues of citizenship, identity and cultural democracy.

The two youth groups will curate an exhibition drawn from both The Niland Collection and the social history collection of The Braid Museum in Ballymena. The exhibition will also include a Silent Disco, featuring music from local, up and coming young musicians.

The Model’s Young Curator’s is a group of young people who share an interest in visual art. Meeting regularly at The Model young people aged 15 – 20 years are encouraged to devise creative projects, establish networks with other youth groups and share their thoughts and opinions about a range of topics.

The title of the exhibition, Double Vision, comes from the two groups of young people attempting to construct a shared vision of a show that they would both be happy to display in their hometowns. ‘Double Vision’ is also the name of a song by Rory Gallagher, who once played in the The Flamingo Ballroom in Ballymena in 1971 and the themes of music and art connecting and bringing people together permeate throughout this exhibition.

Supported by The International Fund for Ireland , this is a rare opportunity for young people to get in real contact with collections, to learn about the collections and each other’s cultural backgrounds while also exchanging perspectives on living in the North and in the South.

If you or anyone you know is between 14-20yrs, interested in art, film and technology get in touch with lindahayden@themodel.ie or phone 071 914 1405.


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