31 Dec. 1969 - 31 Dec. 2012

Young Model: The Interview

Young Model have interviewed numberous outstanding Irish artists whose work is represented in The Niland Collection. These exciting interviews with artists as diverse as Nick Miller , Barrie Cooke, Dorothy Cross , Sean McSweeney , Ronnie Hughes and Patrick Hall are hosted here on the young model page.

News2Day presenter Stephen with Yasmin

If you are interested in taking part this year please contact linda@modelart.ie or phone 071 9141405.

Young Model have also interviewed a number of the artist collectives who were in Sligo as part of DORM exhibition. For the reopening of The Model May 2010 twenty-two international artist collectives transformed the building into an unprecedented, all-encompassing art project.

At the wonderful opening of The Outsider an exhibition of forty Jack B Yeats oils, Brian O’Doherty celebrated artist, curator, critic, and writer had a relaxed talk with writer, curator and Yeats scholar Dr. Hilary Pyle. Young Model were there on the night to record the event.

Also during the opening weekend our Young Model team interviewed Stella Mew, CEO of the Sligo Yeats Society and Donal Tinney, Sligo County Librarian. These interviews are also part of the exhibition and are displayed in The Outsider archive room.

Young Model interviewed Sligo-based artist Nick Miller at the opening night of The Outsider. What a great interview, thanks again Nick for supporting Young Model.

The Niland Collection

So, whose painting is the best?

Young Model devised all the questions posed to the artists, and they also filmed and edited all the interviews that will be coming your way over the next few months.

Young Model have also interviewed a number of artists from the Model’s Exhibition programme over the last year including a number of the artists collectives from the DORM exhibition which you can watch here

The Interview project will also continue with Irish-born filmmaker Duncan Campbell who talks about his new work Make It New John, which tells the story of the DeLorean car. Young Model have also interviewed philosopher, historian and theorist Boris Groys who this summer was writer in residence at The Model and later this year a behind-the-scenes build up to the Kabokov exhibition in October.

If you are interested in taking part this year please contact linda@modelart.ie or phone 071 9141405.

This project has been made possible by the Arts Council Youth Ensemble Award.

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