31 Dec. 1969 - 04 Jul. 2010

Documentation Archive

The Dorm Documentation Archive seeks to contextualise the wider body of the exhibition through a selection of documentation, archival materials, screenings and works from significant national and international collectives, spanning from the 1949 CoBrA collective up to the present work of the Chto Delat collective.

Not attempting to create a linear historical account of collectivity, this selection simply provides some examples of artistic resistance in response to specific cultural and political contexts and times, highlighting the re-occurrence of strategies of protest, intervention and civil disobedience in collective practices in attempting to pose an alternative to dominant geopolitical discourse over the last 70 years.

Participating Collectives Included

Ant Farm
A.R.E. (Art Research & Exchange)
Art Workers Coalition
Atlas Group
Chto Delat
Copenhagen Free University
Dexter Sinister
G.A.A.G. (Geurilla Art Action Group)
Ground Up
Guerilla Girls
Institute of Applied Autonmony
School of Missing studies
The Situationists
Speculative Archive
Temporary Services
WAAG ( Women Artist Action Group)
Video Freex
Zero Dimension/Zero Jigen

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