31 Dec. 1969 - 01 Jul. 2010

Documentation Archive Screenings

The Dorm Documentation Archive Section is accompanied by a weekly screening programme in the educational room, Thursdays at 6:30pm.

06 May

Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle
Society of the Spectacle is a film by Guy Debord based on his philosophical and critical theory book of the same name and contains archival footage of the Paris Uprising of May 1968. 1973, 88 minutes

13 May

Raindance, Interview with Buckminster Fuller
Raindance media collective’s interview with social theorist Buckminster Fuller in New York City on Earth Day in May 1970. 1970, 33:49 minutes

Videofreex, Mayday Realtime
Videofreex, one of the first video collectives documented one of the most disruptive antiwar protests in Washington DC on May Day, 1971. 1971, 59:45 minutes

20 May

Antfarm, Media Burn
Ant Farm a collective working in media, architecture, performance and spectacle presented the “ultimate media event” on 4 July 1975, at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, Ant Farm. 1975, 23:02 minutes

Raindance, Media Primers
Raindance’s Media Primers addresses themes of media manipulation, and the camera’s role in modifying individual behavior. 1971, 55:41 minutes

27 May

The Speculative Archive, It’s not my memory of it: three recollected documents
The Speculative Archive’s It’s not my memory of it is a documentary about secrecy, memory, and documents in the current climate of heightened security. 2003, 25:00 minutes

The Speculative Archive, We will live to see these things, or, five pictures of what may come to pass
We will live to see these things… is a documentary in five parts shot in Damascus, Syria, combining fiction and non-fiction reflecting on a growing conservative Islamic movement, and intense pressure from the United States. 2005/6 47:04 minutes

Atlas Group, The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs
The Atlas Group is a foundation comprising various real and fictional characters, institutions, artefacts photographs and other objects to research and document the contemporary history of Lebanon. The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs investigates the possibilities and limits of writing a history of the Lebanese civil wars (1975–91). 1999, 16:54 minutes

Atlas Group, Hostage: The Bachar Tapes
Hostage: The Bachar Tapes (English Version) is an experi-mental documentary about “The Western Hostage Crisis.” 2001, 16:17 minutes

03 June

Zero Dimension / Zero Jigen, The White Hare of Inba
Zero Dimension were a radical avant-garde artist group in Tokyo where they created street performances and numerous acts of “artistic terrorism.” The White Hare of Inaba is a document of their performances and struggles. 1970, 80 minutes

10 June

Videofreex, Women’s Lib Demonstration NYC
To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote, Ten thousand women marched down New York’s Fifth Avenue on August 26th, 1970. Shot at the march, this fascinating video features interviews with protesters and counter protesters. 1970, 23:30 minutes

17 June

Lars Movin, The Misfits — 30 Years of Fluxus
This documentary is an unconventional video portrait of the international avante garde Fluxus collective and movement, including interviews with leading Fluxus artists, documentation of their works, and historic archival footage from thirty years of groundbreaking performances, films, and video tapes. 1993, 80 minutes

24 June

Ground Up, Ground Up 2003–07
Ground Up documentary shorts containing documentary footage, interviews and video documentation temporary projects which all address contemporary art in the rural context.

1 July

Ant Farm, Space, Land and Time, Underground Adventures with Ant Farm
A 2009 documentary by Laura Harrison and Elizabeth Federici that delves into the work of the renegade 1970s art/architecture collective Ant Farm, best known for its iconic land-art piece Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX.

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