31 Dec. 1969 - 06 May 2012

Young Curators: Double Vision

11 Feb – 06 May 2012

Young Curators filming the trailer

This special exhibition, curated by two groups of young people from Sligo and Antrim as part of The Model’s Young Curator’s Programme features work from The Niland Collection and the social history collection of the Mid-Antrim Museums in Ballymena. It includes a Silent Disco in the collection galleries, with music provide by local young musicians.

The Model’s Young Curator Programme involves a group of young people aged 15-20 who share an interest in visual art meeting regularly at The Model to devise creative projects, establish networks with other youth groups and share their thoughts and opinions about a range of topics.

The title, Double Vision, reflects the shared vision of the two groups of young people in putting together the exhibition and is also the name of a song by Rory Gallagher, who once played the Flamingo Ballroom in Ballymena in 1971. This particularly highlights the theme of art and music connecting and bringing people together, which is integral to this project.

Over two years the groups Young Model and Dunclug Youth Forum have worked with curators at both The Model and the Mid-Antrim Museums to gain an insight into working with both collections and acquire an understanding of the role of a curator. Through the development of critical thinking and visual literacy skills, it is hoped the project has assisted both groups in raising awareness of each other’s political geographies and discovered shared histories.

Young Curators has been the result of an International Fund for Ireland cross-border partnership project, bringing together young people to consider issues of citizenship, identity and cultural democracy.

This project would not have happened without the generous support of The International Fund for Ireland and has been run in partnership with the Mid-Antrim Museums, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.


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