14 Nov. 2015 - 10 Jan. 2016

Eamon O'Kane: A History of Play

Opening Reception Saturday 14 November, 6pm
Eamon O’Kane in conversation with Linda Shevlin, 5pm

A History of Play

Artist Eamon O’Kane will transform the entire art gallery into an interactive installation inspired by the educational play objects devised by educator and inventor of Kindergarten Friedrich Fröbel. For the artist, parenthood sparked this interest in merging real life with his art practice, looking at the interplay of art, architecture, design and education. The installation comprises educational play materials known as Fröbel Gifts – colourful spheres, cylinders and tubes. These “gifts” are used for unlocking creativity at an early age by teaching children about three-dimensional shapes and colours and their relationship to the environment and nature. Spend time with the exhibition through one of our workshops for our younger audiences, where children will play, interact and collaborate on artworks and constructions together.

Toured by Roscommon Art Centre and curated by Linda Shevlin.

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