31 Dec. 1969 - 20 Jun. 2010

Darklight: Animated Programme

The Darklight Animated programme will be shown on rotation, along with the Synth Eastwood programme , on both Saturday and Sunday

I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight IRE/UK, 4:27
David O’ Reilly, Director, Jon Klassen, Designer
Colonel Blimp / made at Lumiere Studios in London
A music video for U2 – encounter beautifully rendered CGI characters as you enter the world of the talented artist/animator, David O’ Reilly

Dix FR/UK, (2008) 7:08
Bif – a Director Collective comprised of Fabrice Le Nezet, Francois Roisin and Jules Janaud. Autour de Minuit/ The Mill in co-production with Arcadi
Winner of the prestigious 2009 SIGGRAPH Jury award – this psychologically essay in Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour turns into a game of human tetris – stunning CGI animation with a cubist flavour, and with lots of gore…

The Scaffolder Falls , IRE, (2009) 8:25
Produced and Directed by Johnny Gogan
Based on a song by Johnny Gogan and sung by Cathal Coughlan, Musical Arrangements by Giordai Ua Laoire & Ray Duffy.
Bandit Films/Sleeping Warrior
Premiered at Darklight 2009 & Adaptations Festival, Dromahair

Tie Me Up in Jackets, IRE, (2009) 3:20
Eogan Kidney, Director
Eoghan Kidney & Fionn Kidney
One of the most beautiful things in the world is that nascent moment where colour touches paper and then expands itself. This video captures that little chroma-explosion beautifully’. Music video for Irish band “Fight Like Apes”: http://www.fightlikeapesmusic.com

Postman Returns, NL, (2008) 2:22
Mischa Rozema, Director/Writer
Music by Guy Amitai (Massive Music)

The Polish Language, IRE, (2009) 8:10
Alice Lyons & Orla McHardy, Directors
Steve Woods, Producer
Winner of the 2009 Jury’s award for Best Animation at the Galway Film Fleadh, this film-poem is about the subversive force of art and the renewal of poetry in the whispery language of Polish. It pays homage to the revitalization of the art of poetry in the Polish language in the second half of the 20th century. Its visual style is based on underground publications in Poland in the 1970s and 1980s, known as Bibula. This film is based on a poem by Alice Lyons, which is woven together with a chorus of voices sampling poems in Polish set to an original score by sound designer Justin Spooner.

Asomnie, FR, 6:30
Yann Bertrand & Damien Serban, Directors
Award winning animation which shows us a world artificially deprived of sleep, floating between dreams & reality – tinged with a nightmarish quality

Oedipe, JAPAN/FR, (2008) 8:45
Capucine, Director
Koji Yamamoto
Capucine is a 22 years old Capuchin monkey. She was raised according to a program lead by primate experts to assist quadriplegic people in their normal everyday life. Japanese scientists discover that Capucine has an unusual talent for interpreting moving images and decided to let her make a short film.
Capucin is the director, screenwriter, actor, director of photography and editor. Using high-tech equipment, this little monkey constructs a short film out of pre-existing footage that has been made available in a database containing several million archived and indexed video files. All the equipment was ergonomically designed for use by primates. Capucine simply had to react to her imagination’s desires, resulting in a surprising mix where “A Trip to the Moon” by George Méliès meets scenes from the Donkey Kong arcade game by S. Miyamoto.

My day, IRE, (2008) 2:17
Eamonn O’Neill, Director
IADT 3rd Year Film
A simple, but very effective animation, hand-drawn in Flash – addressing the issues that surround personal space and the characters that you could met on an otherwise seemingly innocent bus- ride through Dublin

Trolley Boy, IRE, (2009) 3:54
Teemu Auersalo, Director/Writer
Nicky Grogan, Producer
Glimpse Digital Ltd.
This short directed by the Dublin-based Finish animator, Teemu Auersalo, is about ‘Trolley Boy,’ and Trolley Boy is fed up with his job. He tries to lift his mood by inventing a little bowling game pushing shopping trolleys into stacks but, as he has set his goal too far away, he keeps missing it. His efforts and anger finally build up into a giant monster made of trolleys but it takes him a long time to realise that this unexpected creation is far more uplifting than getting a strike in his game

My Drive Thru, USA, 2:29
Directed and animated by Psyop (Marie Hyon & Marco Spier)
Music by Santogold, Julian Casablancas & N.E.R.D
Produced by Pharrell Williams
Agency: Anomaly
This music video celebrates the centenary birthday of that ubiquitous trainers/sneak/runner boot company, Converse – and both this musical and animation collaboration used about 9580 paper dolls which in turn took 30 animators over 2 months to create this seamless music video.

Parachute Ending, FR, 3:19
Steve Scott, director
Not To Scale
Music video for Birdy Nam Nam
A fantastic, bio-futuristic punk video by Steve Scott and created with the help of the artist Will Sweeney. This is an animated masterpiece set to the music of Birdy Nam Nam

Video Games, GER, 5:26
Directed by the collective – Musclebeaver
Originally this animation was planned and animated for the prologue of a documentary. The documentary itself was about how an addiction to a famous MMORPG, (massive multiplayer online role playing game) and this affected their everyday lives (hint – this game begins with the letters – Wo…)
Every game character in this prologue was reinterpreted, redrawn (…one pixel at a time), and animated frame by frame, so be prepared for a 5 minute animation on the evolution of computer games which progresses from Pong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, to Donkey King and onwards and best of all, includes the unforgettable image of Lara Croft with a leg-humping Super Mario attached to her!

Donkey, IRE, (2009) 5:30
Louise Bagnall, Director
Barley Films
This is a beautifully rendered graphic tale is about a donkey who is tired of his minimum wage job at the beach

We Are Men, IRE, (2008) 2:59
Sam Boyd, Director
Music Video for Cap/Pas/Cap
Skinny Wolves Records

Wujeck/Uncle, POL, (2008) 8:00
Maciej Sznabel, Director
Marek Serafinski productions
Award winning animation, where Uncle Adam arrives at the village house of a family, who live there with their dog, Rex. Idyllic scenery unexpectedly turns into a horror, which makes the blood run cold. This animated debut made under the supervision of Piotr Dumala draws on the best tradition of the Polish School of Animation. This is 3D animation with hand drawn textures, expressive music and a grotesque story has ladles of black humour.

In aporia, ISR, (2008) 3:34
Michal Ronen, Director
The word ‘aporia’ relates to a state of reaching a philosophical dead-end. This short film is an examination of the relationship between the skin, as a structured border and the content – a system of abstract red threads and knots that aspire to break out. Ronen’s wants to show us that there is no clear distinction between the inside and the outside, between childhood and maternity, between holiness and impure, between tenderness and violence, between the body’s boundaries and its infiniteness, and in particular – between the impulse of creation and the impulse of death.

Two Princesses, RUS, (2009) 8:52
Maria Stepanova, Director
Russian animation based on an English fairytale, where two princesses meet a prince. This short film uses the technique of cut-out animation

The Count, IRE, (2008) 4:00
Fergal Brennan, Director
Music Video for Sarsparilla
Uses stop-motion photography

Unpredictable Behaviour, USA, (2007) 5:15
Ernst Weber & Pasha Shapiro, Directors
Ernst Weber
What is rational thought? What is human nature?
In this startling short animation, which was honored at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival in the ‘Short Film Corner’ and garnered awards at the 2008 Prix Ars Electronica in Austria – Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson reflect on the human condition based on the crimes of Jack the Ripper. An absolutely unexpected twist reveals what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never explained about his famous detective – delivering an ending that is haunting, unnerving and well.. unpredictable

Unpredictable Behaviour is an animation project borne from an intimate, yet global collaboration. The film was entirely written and produced by only two artists, Pasha Shapiro and Ernst Weber, who live on opposite sides of the globe, namely San Francisco and Berlin.

Fishing, UK, 1:40
Michael Moseley, Director
Derby University
This animation short is an artistic rendition of the elusive cognitive process of generating ideas, through the manifestation of metaphorical and symbolic dream imagery. This work was created by Michael Moseley for his Visual Communication (Animation) BA (Hons) Degree at Derby University.

The Seed, IRE, 2:07
Johnny Kelly, Director
Soundtrack by Jape
Nexus Productions, Funded by Adobe
A two minute animated voyage through nature’s life cycle, following the trials and tribulations of a humble apple seed. It was made using a mixture of stop motion papercraft and 2D drawn animation, with a soundtrack by Jape. It was funded by Adobe and was made with their spanking new range of fancy software, Creative Suite 4. A Nexus Production in collaboration with Goodby, Silverstein and Partners with the support of Adobe


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