14 Nov. 2012, 8pm

Let Fury Have The Hour: Irish Premiére

Director Antonino D’Ambrosio, USA, 2011 90 Minutes

In his feature directorial debut, acclaimed author, visual artist, and filmmaker Antonino D’Ambrosio has fashioned a lively social history that chronicles how a generation of artists, thinkers, and activists used their creativity—and their creations—as a response to the reactionary politics that came to define our culture in the 1980s. An exuberant, mixed media collage that incorporates graphic art, music, animation, and spoken word, the film spans three decades of change—from the cynical heyday of Reagan and Thatcher through today— and brings together over 50 writers, playwrights, painters, poets, skateboarders, dancers, musicians, and rights advocates, all of whom attest to the fact that we can re-imagine the world we live in and take an active role in making that vision a reality.

D’Ambrosio’s stylish and inspirational film retells the history of modern America through the voices of the artists that influenced it through their work. Some of the artists include Public Enemy, Billy Bragg and The Clash.

Director Antonino D’Amdrosio will introduce the screening and a Q&A will follow, with both Antonino and producer Brian Devine

Festival Launch starts at 7pm! Be here for the start of something amazing.

Official Selection of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, featured in the Spotlight series where the high profile films screen.


“An exuberant, mixed-media collage –indeed, a thoughtful and entertaining debut film.”
–The New York Times

“A thrilling, explosive film that’s bold, courageous and very important for this time and all time.”
—Filmmaker, Michael Moore

“Antonino D’Ambrosio’s filmmaking is masterful. A fantastic film that excites, engages, and entertains. A piece of cinema that is vital for our times.” —Federic Boyer, Tribeca Film Festival Artistic Director

“Beautiful and impactful.”
New York Magazine

“A thrillingly articulate wallop… How refreshing it is to hear musicians and artists eschewing indie softheadedness and getting to the point.”
—Time Out New York

“Left me feeling renewed.” –Film Monthly

—New York Daily News

“With Let Fury Have the Hour Mr. D’Ambrosio has composed an exhilarating, irrepressible symphony of a film which mixes the media of animation, graphic art, music and spoken word to give voice to a distinctive perspective on how we live with each other on this planet… Mr. D’Ambrosio has created a visual conversation. It is an energizing film that uplifts, that resonates with our common humanity and re-inspires.”
COOL Magazine


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