31 Dec. 1969 - 03 Dec. 2011

Moon - The Buzz Aldrin Allstars

Following hot on the heels of The Model’s inaugural music film festival, Sound and Vision, we are happy to remain in that genre for another while and present Moon – with music by The Buzz Aldrin Allstars and visuals created by Esperanza Collado.

The Buzz Aldrin Allstars are a collection of like-minded musicians looking to keep the kraut rock tradition alive. The group features members from some of Ireland’s most exciting contemporary groups including Si Schroeder / 3epkano / Halfset / Strands / United Bible Studies / Beautiful Unit.

The shows are improvised explorations, revolving around simple melodies, grooves, and loops. They came together originally in 2010 to work with Spanish film artist Esperanza Collado where they created a soundtrack for Collado’s work Moon. Moon features a screening of 16mm film loops, using multiple projectors (both 16mm and digital), created by Esperanza Collado from footage of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Considering this groups other musical commitments, the BAA have to choose other performances wisely. Since formation in 2010, The Buzz Adlrin Allstars have performed at the Kilkenny Arts Festival 2011 with The Sea and the Cake; in accompaniment to live gaming during a gaming convention at The Workman’s Club during 10 days in Dublin and alongside Kwoon at The Grand Social. They have alternatively been described as innovative, gifted, exciting, genius. We are honoured to be hosting the second only viewing of Moon since its creation in 2010 and the fifth performance of this constellation of allstars.

The visual element will be improvised by Esperanza Collado and Hector Castells, the musicians will then respond to this play of light and images.


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