06 Feb. - 10 Apr. 2011

Route Irish

06, 07 Apr. at 8pm
09, 10 Apr. at 3pm

This latest collaboration between director Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty invests the trappings of a typical thriller with the grit and moral complexity we have come to expect from this duo. The central character, Fergus (Mark Womack), is an embittered veteran of the war in Iraq who now works in private security.

In 2007 he attends the funeral of a close friend whose vehicle was attacked on Route Irish, the road from the Green Zone to Baghdad Airport. Discovering the truth about what really happened to his friend forces Fergus to confront the painful realities of a brutal world and his part in it.

Text courtesy of IFI.

FILM INFO: 109 minutes, U.K., 2010, Colour

Director: Ken Loach

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