30 Apr. - 25 Jun. 2011

Short Films @ The Model

IFI@TheModel presents a diverse selection of short films which showcases up-and-coming Irish filmmakers; these short films show the sheer diversity and creativity in Irish film making and animation at this moment.

Each short film will be between 15 and 20 minutes in length. This exciting venture of screening a selection of short films from Irish filmmakers for free is funded by the International Fund for Ireland.

30 Apr. at 2.30pm: Selection of Short Films @ The Model

01 May. at 3pm: Selection of Short Films @ The Model

07 May. at 3pm: ‘…for peace comes dropping slow…’ by Sligo based director Lisa Vandegrift Davala.

11, 12, 13 May. at 8pm. 14, 15 May at 3pm
The screening of BENDA BILI! includes a short film by Sligo film maker, Peter Martin, SHAMBLES, A DAY IN THE LIFE, 5 mins

Sun. 22 May at 3pm
The screening of ELEANOR’S SECRET includes a short animation, THE MONK AND THE FLY, directed by Matthew Darragh, courtesy of the Irish Film Board.

18 Jun. & 02 Jul. at 2pm: Seeing The Hidden:

Seeing the Hidden is a short film which explores five areas of significant hidden cultural wealth within the Sligo Community. Uncovering the understated is the theme of the film as it showcases the five areas Killavil, Skreen, Ballinafad, Gleniff Horseshoe and Sligo Harbour and celebrates the creativity of the people and the power of the landscape therein. This film was commissioned by Sligo Arts Service in 2010 and features writer/poet Dermot Healy and the late Musician Peter Horan.

The production team were: filmmaker Caroline Clancy, visual artist Catherine Fanning, Photographer James Fraher, writer Maura Gilligan and writer & poet Dermot Healy.
32mins Duration
Released May 8, 2010

Shorts@TheModel is funded by the International Fund for Ireland

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