31 Dec. 1969 - 20 Jun. 2010

Synth Eastwood: Animated Programme

The Synth Eastwood curated programme will be shown on rotation, along with the Darklight programme , on both Saturday and Sunday

Backwards, USA, (2009) 4:39
Aaron Hughes, Director
Produced by Lisa LaBracio & Aaron hughes
Music by Jenni Dykeman
The award-winning short animation – a love story so backwards, it has to be told in reverse.

Diver, USA, (2009) 3:07
Paris Mavroidis, director
Music by Kaki King
The award winning, ‘Divers’ is an experimental animation that was inspired by Busby Berkeley, mass gymnastics and experimental cinema from the 1920s & 30s. Paris created it while pursuing for his MFA in Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. As part of the project, Paris also developed a choreography-based animation toolset, which he subsequently used during this animation process.

A sleek young woman in swimming suit and bathing cap climbs out on a high-diving board — a mile-high diving board — then leaps into the clouds. She falls, and falls, and falls, then is joined by other girls exactly like her, also in free fall. They cavort around each other’s bodies, like circus tumblers, as the camera itself swoops and floats among them as they plummet through the void.

Chick, POL, (2008) 5:00
Michal Socha, Director
Platige Image
Winner of an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica Animation awards, ‘Chick’ is the artistic rendering of an intense male-female relationship, a ‘Saul Bass-flavoured’ short animation by Polish graphic and animation artist Michal Socha.
Michal is a graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he received an honorable mention from the dean. His most recent short film ‘Chick’ is a wondeful example of his unique and highly stylized vision.
‘Chick’ is a humorous true-life story about male-female relations. Infatuation and its consequences are depicted in an ironic way: meeting a guy, dancing, having fun, a sexual act. A man, giddy with the charm of a femme fatale, leaves a room. He is followed by failure and doom

Morris & The Other, UK, (2007) 4:00
Edwin Rostron, Director
Digital / Drawn Animation
Surrealist animation – a most peculiar collection of arms, legs, heads, kites, tanks, trucks and trolleys

Lebensader, GER, (2009) 6:00
Angela Steffen, Director
Award winning animation, where a little girl finds a hole inside a leaf

The Vinny Club – Infinite Smokebombs, IRE (2009) 2:09
Digital Beast, Directors

Debt, IRE, (2009) 14:13
Mike Weiss, Director
Delicious Nougat
A curious boy puts an old adage to the test – with a few consequences. ‘Find a penny today; pick it up and all day you will find good luck.’

Rendezvous, GER, (2009) 4:20
Alfred Dieler, Director
Rendezvous’ tells about an unexpected, but predictable encounter. A night on the way to a party, three young people get a nasty surprise.

From the Ground Up In order, Embrace, USA, (2007) 1:39
Nick Briz, Director
‘An indisputable argument for the healing properties of colour; also the reason why rock n’ roll and video are here to stay. A digitally apocalyptic vacuum reminiscent of Zack Morris’ sweater.’
Anything that is digital contains beneath it layers of code, and at the base is an immense series of ones and zeroes known as binary code. Like the atom in the natural world, the ones and zeroes of binary code are the smallest component of the digital medium. In my efforts to strengthen my relationship with the digital medium I set out to create a piece where I dealt directly with the binary code of a video file. The result was this video as well as an obsession with the digital medium, and a first in a series of binary video pieces.

From The Ground Up In Order, Embrace screened at the 21st Annual Images Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, the fourth annual Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival in Calgary AB, Canada, Signal & Noise Media Arts Festival in Vancouver, Canada, and the Sydney Underground Film Festival.

Teabreak, 3:00
David Grannell, Director

The Office Environment, IRE, (2009) 5:24
Mark Mullery, Director
IADT, Dun Laoghaire
When an apathetic office worker finds a plant growing underneath his desk, caring for it in secrecy becomes the only meaningful thing in his life.

Ease My Mind, IRE, 3:47
Paddy Cahill & Jules Hackett, Directors

She Who Measures, CRO, (2008) 6:40
Vljko Popovic, Director

Lunch, CRO, (2008) 17:20
Ana Husman, Director
Pangolin, Maja Juric, Producer
The rules of correct behaviour found in books of etiquette present themselves as aiding communication and helping people understand each other. They also claim to help us engage socially with greater ease and self confidence. These rules are learnt from birth which is the only way for us to completely internalize them. Their model is found in western civilizations, and compliance with them makes it easy to discern who is civilized and who is not. The film deals with customs of eating and drinking – specifically with the lunch situation, as communal eating is the central site of showing others our breading and finesse.

Where’s Your head At, UK,(2009) 5:55
Max Hattler, Director
Music Video for Basement Jaxx
Commissioned by Basement Jaxx / Punk Garage Ltd.
Connect four on the disco dance floor. Light, liquid, shape and colour locked into a pixel playground. This is the film festival version of a commission for the British house music duo Basement Jaxx. During their concerts, the film is shown on a giant 7 × 2 meter LED screen behind the band. The concept is based on the grid structure of the LED display itself. The screen is made up of 60 square LED elements, four rows of 15 elements. Each of the blocks that make up the screen becomes a tile in the overall picture, a pixel in the construction of the visual narrative.
“… an arena abstraction for Basement Jaxx … Old school video games and ’80s video walls inspired Max Hattler’s visuals for Where’s Your Head At … Rather than treat the display as one fluid screen, he took advantage of the grid’s ’80s video wall look and designed flat, two-dimensional visuals that resemble old school video games such as Tetris.” ‘boards

Sea of Glass, UK, 3:45
Sean Vicary, director
The coastal landscape of West Wales provides the setting for this short film.
Animation, music and photography are juxtaposed in order to explore the liminal space between land and sea.
The film has evolved from an original piece produced as part of an audio-visual
performance with the composer Tom Middleton at the National Film Theatre, London


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