05 Mar. 2011, 8pm

Lazik with local support by Catmelodeon

Lazik is a reflection of the beautiful cultural melting pot that Cork has become, with musicians from Ireland, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, and a varied repertoire with music from all over Europe: Wild dance tunes with Scandinavian power and Bulgarian upbeat mix with Eastern rhythms; French chansons and Breton dances blend with Irish tunes and Greek, Turkish and Yiddish melodies. The band consists of flutist /singer Christelle Moisan (France), fiddler/singer Stella Rodrigues (Netherlands), guitarist Barry O’Donovan (Cork), clarinettist Dylan Gully (France), fiddler Yvonne Leahy (Cork), bassist Christian Martin (Germany) and percussionist JB Heine (Belgium). The line-up will be enhanced by the addition of special guests Mark Wilkins (bass, percussion) and Tom Fanore (percussion).

Lazik makes you travel and dance. They have toured with Txütxükan and the North Strand Kontra Band, and played many festivals in Ireland including Dun Laoghaire festival of World Cultures, Ennis Trad Fest, Cork Folk Fest, as well as in front of audiences in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, & to collaborate with the Rashenkoti bellydancers, among others. They promise to bring you a night filled with shimmering bellydance rhythms, rocking Scandinavian melodies & groovy Eastern European music. That’s quite a promise!

With local support by Catmelodeon. Humorously described by Rodney as “half- baked tunes from the North- West”, Catmelodeon features Rodney Lancashire, Seamus Hernan and Claudia Schwab, who will play an eclectic mix of trad tunes with their own dynamic and intricate arrangements.


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