Artists in the Collection

Anna Marie Dowdican

Born 1969, Donegal, Ireland

Anne Marie Dowdican was born in Donegal but now lives in Sligo. She studied in Sligo Regional Technical College from 1988-1991 where she obtained a Certificate in Visual Education and a National Diploma in Fine Art.

Working in oils and pastels, sometimes with colour inside finely drawn lines, Anne Marie works from concepts rather than actuality, though the landscape of Sligo, where she lives by the sea, and of Donegal from where she hails, often nudge through onto canvas.

A confident painter, there are pieces of all sizes and her sense of colour is honed – she says – by a passionate interest in photography, but such a flath├║lach and yet pleasing and successful use of pinks, yellows, piercing dark blues and orange could only stem from a natural optimism.

Often big and bold and more square than curved in line, lashings of paint mixed with aplomb makes for depth and adds to the gaiety of reds, yellows and oranges. Yet, in a big midnight blue painting where the dark shapes twinkle with golden pinpoints of light, there is restraint as the abstract is invaded by a pleasing reality, as in the memory of a nocturnal view across a bay.

Saying she is “analytical rather than emotional” the pieces are brave and optimistic, full of life and bold in outline, yet some dark metallic pastels, edges blurred, draw in the eye and the imagination.