Artists in the Collection

Casimir Dunin Markievicz

Born 1874, Denhofowka, Ukraine
Died 1932, Warsaw, Poland

Count Casimir Dunin Markievicz was born in the Ukraine in 1874. He was a Polish portrait, category and landscape artist, playwright and theatre director, and a member of the Russian nobility.
He trained as a painter in Paris, where he met Constance Gore-Booth (also known as Countess Markievicz) whom he married in a Church of England ceremony on September 29, 1900, in London’s Marylebone Church. He played a key role in the Arts Club and The Independent Dramatic Company. He was a playwright and director. He returned to Eastern Europe in 1914 and was injured in fighting at the Carpathian Front. He continued to work in theatre abroad, and rarely returned to Ireland.