Artists in the Collection

Caroline Scally

Born 1886, Dublin, Ireland
Died 1973, Ireland

Caroline Scally is a now forgotten but influential Irish female artist. This is not necessarily a recent problem – as recently as 45 years ago when reviewing the 1965 Independent Artists exhibition, Irish Times Art critic Brian Fallon declared ‘’…the two artists that stood out by sheer quality were Dairine Vanston and Caroline Scally. Both are rather sadly underrated, both go their own way and to hell with fashion.’‘ Caroline Scally was a former pupil of Orpen’s and went on to become President of The Dublin Painters Society and a committee member of the Watercolour Society. In the 1950’s, Scally’s works were purchased by esteemed collectors such as Sir Alfred Beit and Ernie O’Malley as well as The Haverty Trust.
Dr S.B. Kennedy, in his article on Caroline Scally’s Retrospective Exhibition held at the Frederick Gallery in March 2005, wrote: ‘‘As an artist Caroline Scally has been unjustly neglected…. Looking at her work, besides her dexterity with paint, her lyricism, her sense of colour and her eye for the often quirky details of an architectural piece, it is the sheer pleasure that she obviously derived from painting that we respond to with such delight.’‘