Artists in the Collection

Maurice Canning Wilks RUA ARHA

Born 1910, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Died 1984,

Maurice Canning Wilks, landscape and portrait painter, was born in Belfast in 1910. He was an early exhibitor at the Ulster Academy of Arts where he was elected an associate member in 1935. The majority of Wilks’ paintings are landscapes which were mostly painted in Ulster. He was also inspired by the landscape of Donegal, Kerry and Connemara. During his career he exhibited thirty-seven works at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin, the majority of which were landscapes, although he occasionally showed portraits. His work is characterised by loose fluid brushstrokes which perfectly capture the rugged rural landscape, described by one critic as having a “fine romantic spirit and considerable feeling”. In addition to exhibiting his paintings in Ireland, he also had solo exhibitions in Montreal and Boston during the 1960’s. A retrospective exhibition of his work was held in 1981 at the Malone Gallery in Belfast. Maurice Canning Wilks died in early 1984 and later that year a major retrospective was held at the Oriel Gallery in Dublin.