Portrait of Susan Mitchell

Mary Cottenham Yeats (1869 – 1947)

  • Artist
    Mary Cottenham Yeats
  • Title
    Portrait of Susan Mitchell
  • Date
  • Dimensions
    17 × 20.5cm
  • Medium
  • Collection
    Niland Collection
  • Provenance
    Presented by Ms V Franklin in 1959

Mary Cottenham Yeats or Cottie as she was known was a fellow student of Jack Yeats at art school in London. The couple married in 1894. Cottie continued to practise as an artist and was closely involved in design work for the Dun Emer and Cuala Industries after 1902, which were run by her sisters-in-law. This delicate watercolour depicts Susan Mitchell (1866-1926), a close friend of the Yeats family who was staying with John and Lily in London in the late 1890s. The painting shows Cottie’s ability at capturing the presence of the young woman in a subtle but confident manner. She uses thin washes of watercolour to build up the features of Susan whose pale complexion and red hair are contrasted with the blue of her scarf. Painted in profile, Cottie’s watercolour emphasizes the strong features of Mitchell and give an insight into her formidable personality. The painting was presented to Sligo by Victoria Franklin, Susan Mitchell’s sister and school friend of Jack Yeats.

Written by Roisin Kennedy

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