The Arrest

Kathleen Fox (1880 – 1963)

  • Artist
    Kathleen Fox
  • Title
    The Arrest
  • Date
  • Dimensions
    182 × 140cm
  • Medium
    Oil on canvas
  • Collection
    Niland Collection
  • Provenance
    Purchased by Sligo County Library and museum, 1962

This painting depicts the surrender of the Irish Citizen Army at the College of Surgeons, Easter Week, 1916, following orders from P.H.Pearse. Countess Markievicz, who was second in command at the College of Surgeons is seen here in military dress standing beside Michael Mallin who was in command. The artist sketched the scene on the spot and then painted it on a large canvas. She sent it to New York for safety in 1917. It got mislaid there, but was discovered thirty years later and returned to the artist in Dublin. The Sligo Museum committtee purchased it from the artist in November 1962.

Written by Riann Coulter

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