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The Model presents six curated exhibitions from The Niland Collection each year, with a strong focus on Jack Butler Yeats and the Yeats Family during June, July & August. Visitors who wish to see Yeats work are kindly advised to contact us on 071 914 1405 before planning their visit, to confirm that this work is on display.

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# Title Artist Year
001 Omer Fast - Her Face Was Covered Omer Fast 2011
002 Etienne Zack - Light Matter Etienne Zack 2011
003 Trunk Tjibbe Hooghiemstra 2003
004 Slice Paul Mosse 2003
005 Angels Ascending and Descending with Heavenly Spectators Patrick Hall 2002
006 Orla Annie Harrison 2002
007 Ireland Drawing Arno Kramer 2002
008 Ireland Drawing Arno Kramer 2002
009 Ireland Drawing Arno Kramer 2002
010 Knocknarea I Barrie Cooke 2001
011 Jesus Walking on the Sea Patrick Hall 2001
012 Sweeping Dialogue Linda Hunt 2001
013 John McGahern Nick Miller 1998
014 The Great Breath Marie Foley 1997
015 Triptych Clare Langan 1997
016 Portrait of Barrie Cooke Nick Miller 1997
017 Popstar Alfonso Monreal 1996
018 Return To Eden Anna Marie Dowdican 1995
019 Aftermath Janet Mullarney 1995
020 Croquet, 2 boxes Dorothy Cross 1994
021 Stiletto Dorothy Cross 1994
022 Portrait Marie Foley 1994
023 Family Martin Wedge 1994
024 Turntable of Life Too Marie Foley 1992
025 To Measure the Immeasurable Marie Foley 1992
026 Connolly's Hat Micky Donnelly 1991
027 Belfast Pieta Rita Duffy 1991
028 The Final Cut Ronnie Hughes 1991
029 If you were to lick my heart (Martyr I) Graham Gingles 1990
030 Shelter V Eithne Jordan 1990
031 Thicket Alice Maher 1990
032 Fly around a black corner…and back in again Noreen O'Dwyer 1990
033 From my Window Patrick Collins 1989
034 Farmland Patrick Collins 1989
035 Siege II Rita Duffy 1989
036 Angel of Death Marie Foley 1989
037 Monument to a Dead Man Marie Foley 1989
038 Order and Chaos Diarmuid Delargy 1988
039 A Friesian Coughed over Drumsnat on the Death of the Reverend George Walker of Kilmore Dermot Seymour 1988
040 Untitled Bussmann 1987
041 Below the Falls (2 photographs) Dorothy Cross 1987
042 Below the Falls. Installation Dorothy Cross 1987
043 November Collage Tony O’ Malley HRHA 1987
044 The Raft of the Medusa Jack Pakenham 1987
045 Mr and Mrs Holy Joe (box of parts) Dorothy Cross 1986
046 Mr and Mrs Holy Joe (tall white) (Mr) Dorothy Cross 1986
047 Mr and Mrs holy Joe (white funnel) (Mrs) Dorothy Cross 1986
048 Untitled Kathy Prendergast 1985
049 Study towards an Image of W.B. Yeats Louis le Brocquy 1984
050 Figures and Screens Dorothy Cross 1981
051 Slow Dance on the Forest Floor II Barrie Cooke 1976
052 Tench Fishing Barrie Cooke 1974
053 Study with a Piece Cut Out Micheal Farrell 1974
054 The Red Hand Of Ulster Micheal Farrell 1974
055 Lighthouse, Sligo Bay Veronica Bolay 1972
056 The Táin - Cúchulainn mounting into his chariot Louis le Brocquy 1969
057 The Táin - A flock of birds Louis le Brocquy 1969
058 The Táin - Chariots Louis le Brocquy 1969
059 The Táin - Cow and calf Louis le Brocquy 1969
060 The Táin - Cúchulainn confronting Ferdia Louis le Brocquy 1969
061 The Táin - Deer among dolmens Louis le Brocquy 1969
062 The Táin - Leaping wolfhound Louis le Brocquy 1969
063 The Táin - Lion Louis le Brocquy 1969
064 The Táin - Mare and foals Louis le Brocquy 1969
065 The Táin - Medb Louis le Brocquy 1969
066 The Táin - Pigs Louis le Brocquy 1969
067 The Táin - The boy Cúchulainn armed Louis le Brocquy 1969
068 The Táin - The bull of Cuailnge Louis le Brocquy 1969
069 The Táin - The Morrígan Louis le Brocquy 1969
070 The Táin - Wolfhound Louis le Brocquy 1969
071 Gold Painting (59) Patrick Scott 1968
072 Old Irish Mother J. Murrey 1966
073 The Road Seán McSweeney 1965
074 Still life in Black Patrick Hickey HRHA 1964
075 Two After Dark Anne Yeats 1964
076 Combat Gerard Dillon 1963
077 Bird and Grass Snake Gerard Dillon 1963
078 Collage on Moving Space Gerard Dillon 1963
079 Knocknarea from Lissadell Maeve de Markievicz 1961
080 Lissadell Hse. and Benbulben Maeve de Markievicz 1961
081 Sunday at Kenwood Maeve de Markievicz 1960
082 Autumn Evening, Devon Maeve de Markievicz 1960
083 Portrait of a Man Liam Blake 1959
084 Dutch Barn Maeve de Markievicz 1959
085 Bog Sun (16) Patrick Scott 1959
086 The Steps Maeve de Markievicz 1958
087 Blackcurrent Harvest Maeve de Markievicz 1958
088 Attic Monday Anne Yeats 1956
089 Portrait of Jack B.Yeats George Campbell RHA 1950
090 Dominican Saint Evie Hone 1949
091 He Wins Jack B. Yeats 1949
092 Entertainment on the Barge Jack B. Yeats 1949
093 Untitled Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1947
094 The Sea and the Lighthouse Jack B. Yeats 1947
095 The Bowman Jack B. Yeats 1947
096 The Hell Fire Club from Tibradden Louis le Brocquy 1946
097 Mountain Window Jack B. Yeats 1946
098 Leaving the Far Point Jack B. Yeats 1946
099 Finis Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1945
100 The Graveyard Wall Jack B. Yeats 1945
101 Brian O'Doherty - San Iartharr (in the West) Brian O’Doherty 1945
102 Portrait of J.B.Yeats Sean O' Sullivan RHA 1942
103 Untitled Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1941
104 Untitled Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1940
105 Three Wise Men Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1939
106 Portrait of James Starkey Sean O' Sullivan RHA 1937
107 Connemara John MacCarthy 1936
108 Jack B. Yeats - A Nor' Western Town Jack B. Yeats 1936
109 Seamus saw a strange Man Coming accross the Bog Jack B. Yeats 1934
110 Drawing of W.B.Yeats Sean O' Sullivan RHA 1933
111 Mr. W.H. Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1931
112 Dublin Customs House Paul Henry RHA 1929
113 Portrait of Seán Keating Sean O' Sullivan RHA 1929
114 Johnny Patterson singing 'Bridget Donoghue' (The Singing Clown) Jack B. Yeats 1928
115 White Shower Jack B. Yeats 1928
116 The End Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1926
117 Country Scene Paul Henry RHA 1926
118 Untitled Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1925
119 Venus and Cupidon Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1925
120 Plate from the Holy Bible Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1925
121 A Sussex Farm John Crampton Walker ARHA 1925
122 Singing 'The beautiful Picture' Jack B. Yeats 1925
123 A Western Town, Night Jack B. Yeats 1925
124 The Rider on the Lion Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1924
125 Composition Evie Hone 1924
126 Landscape Dermod O'Brien 1924
127 Portrait of Mary Colum George William Russell (AE) 1924
128 Portrait of Dr.Thomas Bodkin Estella Solomons HRHA 1924
129 Communicating with Prisoners Jack B. Yeats 1924
130 The Irish Fair George Bellows 1923
131 The Apocrypha Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. 1923
132 Portrait of Jack B.Yeats Estella Solomons HRHA 1923
133 An Island Funeral Jack B. Yeats 1923
134 Singing the Minstrel Boy Jack B. Yeats 1923
135 Shruna Meala, Rosses Point Jack B. Yeats 1923
136 Cottages in Connemara Paul Henry RHA 1922
137 The Funeral of Harry Boland Jack B. Yeats 1922
138 Eight Illustrations from The Weavers Grave Jack B. Yeats 1922
139 The Cherry Tree Clara Christian 1921
140 Self Portrait John Butler Yeats 1921
141 Untitled (Holloway Jail, 1919) Constance Gore-Booth 1919
142 Early morning on Donegal Lough Paul Henry RHA 1917
143 View of a Lake Paul Henry RHA 1917
144 The Arrest Kathleen Fox 1916
145 The Lake of the Tears of the Sorrowing Women Paul Henry RHA 1916
146 Self Portrait John Butler Yeats 1916
147 Stephen and Mary McKenna at Seaview Terrace Mary Duncan 1912
148 Loving Companions Augustus John 1912
149 Sailor home from the Sea Jack B. Yeats 1912
150 A view of Sligo Quay Percy French 1911
151 The Toy Theatre Jack B. Yeats 1910
152 Shining Shallows George William Russell (AE) 1908
153 Portrait of Susan Mary (Lily) Yeats John Butler Yeats 1908
154 Landscape David Muirhead 1907
155 Portrait of a Woman John Butler Yeats 1907
156 Portrait of Antonio Mancini John Butler Yeats 1907
157 Portrait of Michael Davitt Sir William Orpen RHA 1906
158 Market Day Jack B. Yeats 1906
159 An Island Man Jack B. Yeats 1906
160 Landscape Constance Gore-Booth 1905
161 A Political Meeting (in the West of Ireland) Jack B. Yeats 1905
162 Untitled, Interior of a Shop Jack B. Yeats 1905
163 The Car is at the Door Jack B. Yeats 1904
164 The Crest of the Hill Jack B. Yeats 1904
165 Cartoon for St. Asicus Jack B. Yeats 1903
166 Cartoon for Figure of Christ Jack B. Yeats 1903
167 G'Morrow Strawberry Jack B. Yeats 1903
168 Portrait of a Woman John Butler Yeats 1903
169 Portrait of Padraic Colum John Butler Yeats 1903
170 Portrait of Kuno Meyer John Butler Yeats 1903
171 Portrait of James Starkey (Seamus O'Sullivan) John Butler Yeats 1903
172 Fortune and her Wheel Jack B. Yeats 1902
173 Recollections of No.23 T.C.D. John Butler Yeats 1902
174 Woman in Country Frederick Ballard Williams 1901
175 Simon the Cyrenian Jack B. Yeats 1901
176 Portrait of Douglas Hyde John Butler Yeats 1901
177 The Bay Pilot, The River Pilot, The Stevedore, The Ganger and The Gang Jack B. Yeats 1900
178 Portrait of John B. Yeats Jack B. Yeats 1900
179 The Stargazer Jack B. Yeats 1900
180 Portrait Figure of an Irish Gentleman Jack B. Yeats 1900
181 Portrait of John O'Leary John Butler Yeats 1900
182 Rosses Point Elizabeth Corbet Yeats 1899
183 Rosses Point, taking in Deadman's Point Elizabeth Corbet Yeats 1899
184 Portrait of Mrs Costello (Edith Drury) John Butler Yeats 1899
185 Portrait of Susan Mitchell John Butler Yeats 1899
186 A Sunday Morning in Sligo Jack B. Yeats 1898
187 Jack B. Yeats - Political Jack B. Yeats 1898
188 Portrait of Susan Mitchell John Butler Yeats 1897
189 Portrait of Susan Mitchell Mary Cottenham Yeats 1897
190 Red Hanrahan's Vision Jack B. Yeats 1896
191 The Strand Races, West of Ireland Jack B. Yeats 1895
192 The Metal Man Jack B. Yeats 1895
193 Portrait of Jennie Mitchell John Butler Yeats 1892
194 The Glorious, Pious and Immortal Memory of King William Jack B. Yeats 1890
195 Portrait of Susan Mary (Lily) Yeats as a child John Butler Yeats 1876
196 Portrait of Estella Solomons Frances Beckett N.D.
197 Jupiter crushing the vices with his thunderbolt Louis-Léopold Boilly N.D.
198 Making the Hay Micheál de Burca (Michael Bourke) N.D.
199 Glencar Henk Breedveld N.D.
200 Sligo Races Henk Breedveld N.D.
201 Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Henk Breedveld N.D.
202 View of Sligo Abbey John Brennan N.D.
203 Landscape Clara Christian N.D.
204 Decanter & Lemon Carey Clarke, PRHA N.D.
205 The Fairy Fort Patrick Collins N.D.
206 Fish Patrick Collins N.D.
207 Irish women waiting for bread William Conor RHA, PRUA N.D.
208 Landscape Sylvia Cooke-Collis N.D.
209 Tea Rooms at Ballyvaughan John Timney Coyle, RHA N.D.
210 Avenue at Crushmore Maeve de Markievicz N.D.
211 Untitled Mary Duncan N.D.
212 Landscape with Cattle Casimir Dunin Markievicz N.D.
213 Wood Nymph Henri Fantin-Latour N.D.
214 Red Earth Stella Frost N.D.
215 The End Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. N.D.
216 Robert Acres Stephen Frederick Gooden, C.B.E., R.A., R.E. N.D.
217 View of a Lodge near Lissadell House Constance Gore-Booth N.D.
218 Untitled Constance Gore-Booth N.D.
219 Woman Chantal Grenville N.D.
220 Seascape May Guinness N.D.
221 At the Foot of the Column Eva Henrietta Hamilton N.D.
222 Landscape Letitia Marion Hamilton RHA N.D.
223 Vase of Flowers Fr. Jack P. Hanlon N.D.
224 Portrait of a Woman Fairlie Harman (Viscountess Harberton) N.D.
225 Dubliner Michael Healy N.D.
226 Two Dubliners in Conversation Michael Healy N.D.
227 E Finito, stained glass Michael Healy N.D.
228 Horseman Maurice Harron N.D.
229 Family Group Eugene Higgins N.D.
230 Big Tree Eugene Higgins N.D.
231 Old man Eugene Higgins N.D.
232 Two Labourers Eugene Higgins N.D.
233 Travellers Eugene Higgins N.D.
234 Composition Evie Hone N.D.
235 Hungry Hill Linda Howard N.D.
236 Four Elements Mainie Jellett N.D.
237 Figures Augustus John N.D.
238 Portrait of Major Grove Augustus John N.D.
239 Head of a Boy Sean Keating PRHA N.D.
240 Turf-Gatherer Sean Keating PRHA N.D.
241 Self-Portrait Sean Keating PRHA N.D.
242 William and Mary Sean Keating PRHA N.D.
243 Old Kitty Sean Keating PRHA N.D.
244 Mist on the Mountain Evelyn Kelly N.D.
245 North From Letterfrack Elizabeth Anne Stafford King-Harman N.D.
246 Waterside Elizabeth Anne Stafford King-Harman N.D.
247 Ruined House Elizabeth Anne Stafford King-Harman N.D.
248 Across Streamstown Bay Elizabeth Anne Stafford King-Harman N.D.
249 Still Life with Flowers Elizabeth Anne Stafford King-Harman N.D.
250 At the Hairdresser Elizabeth Anne Stafford King-Harman N.D.
251 Portrait of Thomas F. Meagher Gerry Kresch N.D.
252 A Rough Sea Charles Lamb RHA RUA N.D.
253 No. 3. Parnell Sq. William John Leech RHA N.D.
254 Landscape Shapes Robert Linton N.D.
255 The Basket Weavers Robert Mannix N.D.
256 Abstract Ferenc Martyn N.D.
257 Portrait of Martin Savage John MacCarthy N.D.
258 Library and Museum Buildings Bernard McDonagh N.D.
259 Carrignagat, Sligeach 1798 Bernard McDonagh N.D.
260 Jack B.Yeats in Memory Bernard McDonagh N.D.
261 Man reading in the Kitchen Maurice MacGonigal PRHA N.D.
262 Country Scene Maurice MacGonigal PRHA N.D.
263 Port Rachrainn Maurice MacGonigal PRHA N.D.
264 The Gathering Maurice MacGonigal PRHA N.D.
265 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (1 of 8) Hanrahan & Cathleen, the daughter of Hoolihan Norah McGuinness N.D.
266 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (2 of 8) 'Hanrahan's Vision' Norah McGuinness N.D.
267 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (3 of 8) 'Death of Hanrahan' Norah McGuinness N.D.
268 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (4 of 8) 'Proud Costello, Macdermot’s Daughter and The Bitter Tongue' Norah McGuinness N.D.
269 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (5 of 8) 'Out of The Rose' Norah McGuinness N.D.
270 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (6 of 8) 'The Wisdom of The King' Norah McGuinness N.D.
271 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (7 of 8) 'The Heart of The Spring' Norah McGuinness N.D.
272 Illus. for Stories of Red Hanrahan (8 of 8) 'The Curse of The Fires and of The Shadows' Norah McGuinness N.D.
273 Les Bigoudenes Norah McGuinness N.D.
274 Tide Receding, Dublin Bay Norah McGuinness N.D.
275 Maunder's Fishshop, Chelsea James McNeill Whistler N.D.
276 Sonny's Window John O'Leary N.D.
277 A Song for Orla John O'Leary N.D.
278 Field of Poppies John O'Leary N.D.
279 A Country Village Scene Michael Augustine Power O'Malley N.D.
280 Old Woman Michael Augustine Power O'Malley N.D.
281 Sheils Cottage, Rosbeg Bea Orpen HRHA N.D.
282 A Dublin Model Sir William Orpen RHA N.D.
283 Croagh Patrick Christopher Reid N.D.
284 Achill Kitchen Nano Reid N.D.
285 Tinkers at the Gate Nano Reid N.D.
286 The Sower George William Russell (AE) N.D.
287 Portrait of a Young Woman with Headdress George William Russell (AE) N.D.
288 Portrait Sketch of a young Girl George William Russell (AE) N.D.
289 Portrait Sketch of a Woman George William Russell (AE) N.D.
290 Portrait Sketch of a Woman George William Russell (AE) N.D.
291 Portrait of W.B.Yeats as a Young Man George William Russell (AE) N.D.
292 Portrait Sketch of a Young Woman in Headdress George William Russell (AE) N.D.
293 Portrait of Kitsy Franklin George William Russell (AE) N.D.
294 Landscape with Woman and Children George William Russell (AE) N.D.
295 Landscape with Picnic Scene George William Russell (AE) N.D.
296 Landscape with Party Scene George William Russell (AE) N.D.
297 Woman George William Russell (AE) N.D.
298 The Rose Thomas Ryan PPRHA N.D.
299 Boy Thomas Ryan PPRHA N.D.
300 Going to Town Caroline Scally N.D.
301 Where the Dragonfly Dreams Anita Shelbourne RHA N.D.
302 Starling Flight Vincent Sheridan N.D.
303 Portrait of Sean Milroy Estella Solomons HRHA N.D.
304 Portrait of Kathleen Goodfellow Estella Solomons HRHA N.D.
305 Woman in Riding Habit Estella Solomons HRHA N.D.
306 Portrait of a Woman Estella Solomons HRHA N.D.
307 Harbour Robert Stewart N.D.
308 Portrait of a Woman Mary Swanzy HRHA N.D.
309 Abstract Mary Swanzy HRHA N.D.
310 Rocky Shore Jeremy Tyndale-Biscoe N.D.
311 Portrait of a Girl (woman with white collar) Artist Unknown N.D.
312 Portrait of William Burke Cockran Artist Unknown N.D.
313 Abstract Artist Unknown N.D.
314 Bonet River, Drumahair Artist Unknown N.D.
315 A Sussex Farm John Crampton Walker ARHA N.D.
316 Girl with a Goose Barbara Warren RHA N.D.
317 Landscape Maurice Canning Wilks RUA ARHA N.D.
318 Face in Distress Anne Yeats N.D.
319 Portrait of Susan Mary (Lily) Yeats John Butler Yeats N.D.
320 Anne Yeats - View from The Train Anne Yeats N.D.