13 Dec. 2014

Creative Gift Ideas from The Model this Christmas

If you have visited The Model recently you may have noticed that our shop has expanded; over the last few weeks we have been adding a new line of craft pieces from the Made in Sligo craft collective. You’ll find ceramics from Rachel Quinn and Lynda Gault, horse-hair pottery from Ian Carty, prints and cushions from Subadesigns, jewellery by Martina Hamilton and woodturned vessels by Matt Jones.

We also have a brilliant collection of art books from our very own Niland Collection book, to Patrick Hall, Duncan Campbell, Susan Hiller and Kids’ Own’s Virtually There. For the month of December we are offering a 20% discount on all books. Browse our online shop here, or visit our shop here at The Model before Christmas.

The Niland Collection
The Model proudly presents its very own Niland Collection Catalogue. The publication, which is dedicated to Nora Niland, contains specially commissioned texts on key works in this remarkable collection accompanied by full colour reproductions. Buy Online

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The Model Sligo

13 Dec. 2014

Christmas at The Model

Shelter from the cold and spend a relaxing afternoon at The Model where you can browse our exhibitions, do a spot of Christmas shopping in the bookshop and enjoy some seasonal treats in the festive surroundings of The Gallery Cafe!

We have a variety of gift ideas available in our bookshop and for the month of December we are offering a 20% discount on all books. Treat yourself and/or a loved one to The Niland Collection a beautiful catalogue containing specially commissioned texts on key works from the collection accompanied by full colour reproductions. We have many more books, film and music available including the Sligo Musicians Calendar 2015.

You can also shop for ceramics by Rachel Quinn and Lynda Gault, jewellery by Martina Hamilton, Made in Sligo Inisfree pens from Colm Breenan, horsehair pottery from Ian Carty, prints and cushions from Subadesigns and woodturned vessels by Matt Jones.

Catch our current exhibitions while they’re still here! _Into the Field _ and _Odey Curbelo Selects _ continue until January 11. An education pack on Into the Field is available for children at reception and gallery tours of the exhibitions take place every Saturday at 2pm.
Reminisce on Christmas memories in the cosy atmosphere of the foyer and share your favourite memory on a snowflake at the Christmas Memory Desk.

Round up your day with a delicious glass of mulled wine and homemade mince pies; just few of the many delicious snacks and beverages served by The Gallery Cafe every day.
We also have family activities lined up at the weekends as part of The Model’s first Christmas Cracker. You can find out more about the Christmas Cracker here

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Erin Fox

9 Dec. 2014

Indulge all your senses this Christmas!

We all have our favourite thing about Christmas trees, whether it’s the twinkling lights, the shiny ornaments, the fresh pine smell or even the prickly feel of the pine needles. All of these are appreciated through vision, smell and touch. But what about sound? Visitors to The Model can experience the wonder of the Christmas tree through the sense of hearing with Steve Wickham’s soundscape tree this weekend at The Model. Steve describes his tree as “a witty antidote to the normal noise of the ubiquitous worn out Christmas pop songs heard everywhere over the holidays. A prechristmas trip to the deep lair of Santa and his Elves.” This definitely sounds like a tree worth coming to see or rather hear!

Steve’s soundscape tree will be on display in the foyer with the rest of The Model’s trees adorned with the handmade decorations from last weekend’s Christmas Cracker workshop. The Model’s Christmas Cracker is a new initiative focusing on families and creativity launched in early December. Join us this weekend and every weekend through 27 December. For more details visit http://themodel.ie/music/the-models-christmas-cracker

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Erin Fox

18 Nov. 2014

The Big Draw: Wild and fiery Red

Artist Kate Wilson invited ‘Wild and fiery Red’ to the colourful Big Draw last week as a galloping horse:

Everybody galloped over painted valleys and hills and warmed ourselves with a fire dance around a red circle of fiery red, orange and yellow.
Kate Wilson.

These environments were all created in collaboration with the artist through painting, movement, storytelling, making and dance. Join Kate Wilson next week and build a giant golden castle for the Queen of Colours, whose toes are tickled pinky gold by the colour yellow! The castle will be an
immersive golden sensory experience for all to enjoy.

The autumn Big Draws brings parents and toddlers on a journey through a rainbow of colour over seven weeks, interlacing mixing paint, with stories, dance and explorative play in fun and imaginative ways.

The Big Draw with artist Kate Wilson is for children and their parents, every Wednesday at The Model. Booking is essential.

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Marie Louise Blaney

13 Nov. 2014

[Studio+] Let's Talk About Art!

As part of Studio+, artist Hari MacMillan was artist-in-residence at The Model last week. Whilst in the Studio+ open studio, the artist listened to Cyndi Lauper’s track Time after Time, whilst cutting out backs and fronts of Time magazine, which made for interesting and quirky collages, bringing together incongruous subjects in the one image – such as President Putin and
former Spice girl Victoria Beckham – who accidently collide on the same collaged image – or, as the artist said – is it ever really an accident?

After a few days of art-making in The Model’s open studio, on Thursday Hari MacMillan invited the public and local students to a talk where she discussed the many layers to her practice. The slowed down pace of the talk, aided by tea and cakes from The Model cafe provided an informal space for both artist and participants to think and talk about art.

Studio+ is funded by Co-operation with Northern Ireland Funding Scheme

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Marie Louise Blaney

11 Nov. 2014

Graphite and Easel Exhibition at The Dock this month

The Model’s life drawing group, Graphite & Easel, are working in collaboration with The Dock’s life drawing group. We are exhibiting at The Dock during November and as part of the Studio+ series of events at The Model during the month of December.

We have developed an exhibit which examines the activity of drawing from life and reflects our own practice. The process of developing work for exhibition has provided us with the opportunity to really tease apart what it is that actually happens in our weekly sessions and why it is that we are all so fascinated and compelled to draw the human body.

Our installation consists of three elements:

- a conversation between models and practitioners on the practice of life drawing – a series of dynamic collaborative drawings made in session – an audio recording of the sounds of a session

It promises an interesting visual and aural experience combined with personal insights. We would like to think it will provoke thought on this valuable contemporary practice.

If you’re interested in participating in the Graphite & Easel weekly life drawing sessions email emmastroude@gmail.com

Photography Andy Parsons 2014

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Andy Parsons

11 Nov. 2014

The Big Draw sets The Model on Fire!

Last week children and their parents were once again invited on a magical journey of creativity and art-making with artist Kate Wilson. Story-telling, performance, movement, painting, drawing and song were all part of this enchanting creative experience. Each week a different colour is explored.

Through this immersive interactive workshop, participants, both big and small, joined the artist in bringing to life the well-loved story The Queen of Colours.

The Big Draw continues at The Models on Wednesday mornings until Wednesday December 10th.

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Maire Louise Blaney

4 Nov. 2014

News from Rome: Bart Lodewijks scales the quay wall overlooking the Tiber!

Artist Bart Lodewijks climbs the famous quay wall overlooking the Tiber! All in pursuit of a drawing!

Whilst in Rome, Lodewijks couldn’t resist the impulse to climb the famous Roman city quay wall, to make yet another one of his famous chalk drawings, not unlike the chalk drawings which have appeared and disappeared in Sligo’s Doorly Park neighbourhood over the last couple of years. The great views over the Tiber and the ancient city are a magnificent backdrop for this incredible drawing.

Bart Lodewijks returns to Sligo again in Spring 2015, where he will continue to make drawings in the city. Bart Lodewijk’s residency at The Model will culminate in an exhibition at The Model in Autumn, 2015.

Artist Bart Lodewijks, artist-in-residence at The Model since 2011, is currently participating in an exciting group show at the Fondazione Giuliani per l’arte contemporanea in Rome, with Roma Publications – an independent art publisher founded by artist Mark Manders and graphic designer Roger Willems. The exhibition, which opened in October features new drawings by Lodewijks and other artists, which can be viewed on the following link: www.romapublications.org/Fondazione_Giuliani.html.

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Marie Louise Blaney

17 Oct. 2014

Director's Talk

Megan Johnston, our new Director has been with us just one month and already she has inspired The Model team with her exciting vision for the organisation’s future. Last week, during a public talk, she shared that vision with the public at her first, official Director’s Talk.

With over 20 years of experience in the Visual Arts and leadership fields, Megan has worked in leading galleries and museums both in Ireland and the US in which she has curated some spectacular exhibitions. During her time at the Millenium Court Arts Centre (MCAC) in Portadown, she built the national profile of the venue with great shows. Her ‘Seeing Orange’ and ‘Orange Segments’ exhibitions put the arts centre on the map internationally.

With exciting new exhibitions and events on the horizon, Megan’s aim is to reconnect The Model locally, nationally and internationally. The assets of The Model and Sligo are also imperative to strengthening The Model’s visibility on the map. When I asked her what she thinks The Model’s assets are she listed The Niland Collection, the strength of Irish art, the artist studios and the beautiful exhibition spaces, which are ideal for poetry readings and concerts as well as showcasing exhibitions.

Megan greatly appreciates the value of a permanent collection to a gallery as it creates an identity and she compares it to like seeing old friends. So we can expect to see much more of The Niland Collection, including possibly more events and activities surrounding the collection.

Family days are also on the horizon and possibly more youth related activities, which will attract more people locally. “The Model is Your Model”, she said to the audience. With her experience, talent and passion for arts and culture we can look forward to an exciting future with our new director!

You can now listen back to Megan’s talk and hear about her experience and plans in our Artist Talk Archives Johnston.

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Erin Fox

9 Oct. 2014

The Big Draw is back!

Explore Jutta Bauer’s book The Queen of Colors with artist Kate Wilson in a magical workshop of art, storytelling and movement.

The Queen of colors, Matilda, has a color for her every mood- when she is calm she summons blue, when she is boisterous she surrounds herself with red and when she wants warmth she calls for yellow. The book conveys a veritable rainbow of emotions which children and parents will explore with paint, glue, glitter, clay, messy fun and loads more! A beautiful, memorable experience that you will treasure for years to come.

The workshops start next Wednesday the 15th of October at 11.00 am. Each session for parents and little tots aged 2- 4 runs for 1 ½ at a cost of €8. As places are limited, early booking is advised. Book here.

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