9 May. 2011

Benda Bili Ticket Competition

When award documentarists were shooting in the Congolese capital of Kinshasa, they came across a group of street musicians whose spirited performances belied their hardscrabble existence. The band, Staff Benda Bilili come out fighting with their uplifting autobiographical songs and tight rhytmn section, this is quite a story!

Winner of the audience award at the recent Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and an Irish Times four star this French documentry “makes the toe tap as it wrings for tears. If there are easier, more pleasing ways to broaden your horizons, we can’t say what they might be”.

To win two tickets to the screening of Benda Bili at The Model send an answer to the following question to marketing@themodel.ie

Who directed Benda Bili? (clue here)

Competition closes Wed, 11 May at 5pm

The screening of Benda Bili also includes the short film “Shambles, A Day in The life” by Sligo native Peter Martin, defiantly one to watch for any surfing fans

3 May. 2011

Its Competition time! Win 2 tickets to Meek's Cutoff

This week’s screening at the IFI @ The Model Cinema is a frontier tale, unlike any Western ever seen before. Set in 1845 Meek’s Cutoff is a haunting rumination on man’s anxiety in the face of an unknowable universe, as the wagon train heads west on the Oregon Trail.

It traces a group of three families who set off towards the new Western frontier. They were part of thousands of others doing the same throughout the decade, following what came to be known as “Manifest Destiny”, or their inherent right to colonise the continent. Some survived the journey, many did not. It took the utmost endurance to make it and quite a lot of luck.

An Irish Times four star “Meek’s Cutoff is a film composed of small, harsh realities”. To win two tickets to the screening of Meek’s Cutoff at The Model send an answer to the following question to marketing@themodel.ie

Who directed Meek’s Cutoff? (clue here)

Competition closes Wed, 04 May at 5pm

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Emma Kavanagh

26 Apr. 2011

Snap Ticket Competition

Irish feature film Snap is a disturbing story of three generations of a family trapped in recreating a past that each one denies. With a cast including Aisling O’Sullivan (The Clinic), Eileen Walsh (Eden, The Magdalene Sisters) and Mick Lally (The Secret of Kells).

This “psychological drama” recently won the Dublin Film Critics Circle’s prize for best Irish film at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, . An Irish Times four star “Snap feels like a real original. It is to the film’s credit that – being so strange, you see – one can hardly imagine where the director will go next. Be brave and give it a go”.

To win two tickets to the screening of Snap at The Model send an answer to the following question to marketing@themodel.ie

Who directed Snap? (clue here)

Competition closes Wed, 27 Apr at 5pm

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Emma Kavanagh

18 Apr. 2011

Essential Killing Ticket Competition

Winner of Special Jury Prize in 2010 Venice Film Festival and Best Actor award for Vincent Gallo. Mohammed (Gallo) is captured by the US military in Afghanistan, and subsequently transported to a secret detention centre in Europe.

An Irish Times four star “Essential Killing is a running man drama. Like Apocalypto , it thrives on adrenalin and the thrill of the chase”. Gallo’s “tremendous central performance” is defiantly one not to be missed.

To win two tickets to the screening of Essential Killing at The Model send an answer to the following question to marketing@themodel.ie

Who directed Essential Killing? (clue here)

Competition closes Wed, 20 Apr at 5pm

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13 Apr. 2011

Source Photographic Magazine: Portfolio Day at The Model

The second Source Photographic Magazine Portfolio Day takes place in The Model this Saturday. As part of the Magazine’s ongoing commitment to finding new work for publication, the magazine are meeting with photographers and artists working with photography whose work was selected during the open submission call.

Please go to www.source.ie for further details.

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30 Mar. 2011

An exciting lunch time performance in The Model this Friday

The Model, RAPID and Smashing Times Theatre Company warmly invite you to participate in the exciting lunchtime performance of “Waiting” this Friday, 01 April at 12 noon in The Model Theatre Space.

Ever found yourself in the frustrating situation of feeling unseen? In a queue, in a restaurant, in the doctor’s surgery.. “Waiting” is a forum theatre production created and performed by participants from Globe House and the Touch the Sky Theater group. A real life story unfolds that is so human it speaks to all of us and invites us to create alternative endings. Come, bring your sandwich, and enjoy a chance to see life and theatre from a different perspective.

The performance will be followed by light refreshments.

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15 Mar. 2011

The Model seeks applications for a Coffee Bar/Wine Bar

The Model seeks excellent applicants for a Coffee/Wine Bar. The Coffee/Wine Bar will provide coffee, sandwiches, snacks and drinks; with well-considered vegetarian options. The Coffee/Wine Bar will serve daytime and evening time exhibition and event audiences and passersby. Events to be catered to include regular programming such as cinema, music, comedy and other events on top of year-round exhibitions in The Model’s seven galleries.

Expressions of interest should be sent to:
Coffee/Wine Bar Application
The Model
The Mall

or by email to emermarron@themodel.ie

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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9 Feb. 2011

A great night out for the girls!

Join us on Monday night for something a little special.

Sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere with a Cabaret performance by Maria Tecce, tapas and a glass of wine by Conrad’s Kitchen, Sligo’s premiere gourmet restaurant and all for only €20.00 .

Tecce’s powerful vocals combine effortlessly with her signature firey style and elegance, promising an intimate evening of riveting performance from a singer and actress who is fast becoming one of Europe’s hottest performing artists.

Receiving 4 star rating by critic’s, Tecce’s performance has been described as “Sheer theatrical brilliance.”

Tickets are on sale now from The Model: 071 – 914 1405 or via tickets@modelart.ie

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1 Feb. 2011

A very special Dinner Invitation

The Model is pleased to announce the launch of our 2011 Fundraising Programme, with a very special fundraising dinner this coming Friday, to coincide with the opening of our Jack B. Yeats show, The Outsider.

A limited number of tickets are still available for The Model’s Preview Dinner on Friday, 04 Feb. at 7 pm.

This very special evening includes a preview of Jack B. Yeats: The Outsider, an intimate talk by curator Brian O’Doherty and in association with Conrad’s Kitchen, a sumptuous three-course gourmet meal and wine for the evening.

Brian, an artist of international standing and a respected writer and curator, will speak about the theme of the exhibition, and give a personal account of his relationship with Jack B. Yeats, with whom he spent a considerable amount of time up until Yeats’ death.

Tickets are priced at €100 euro. Availability is limited, book your tickets now by calling The Model at 071 914 1405 or emailing reception@themodel.ie

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13 Dec. 2010

The Big Draw-Oh to be a Toddler!

The recent conclusion of a very special programme of workshops marked a best practice benchmark for an emerging audience of the arts. The Big Draw workshops were aimed at toddlers of two to four years of age and are set to recommence in the New Year.

Over the past ten Thursdays, parents and their eager toddlers attended morning workshops led by renowned artist Kate Wilson (www.katewilsonartist.com) and each week explored different inlets to accessing sensory phenomenon. Feathers, dried leaves, rice, silk scarves, flour, sand, hay, paint and myriad other materials were used as catalysts for creativity. The children were inspired to be positively self aware and consciously coordinated through exercises which took place in the unique pint-sized built environments which Kate Wilson created. From ships to caves, farmyards to tea parties, the participants set out on an adventure of playful self discovery each week.

Parents were also encouraged to become involved, forging new facets to the parents/child relationship through collaborative creativity. An emphasis on reading and enacting specially selected children’s texts was empowering for the usually dependent toddlers, whilst the sheer scope and space of the Model education room invoked vociferous incarnations of freedom which normal smaller spaces just cannot instil.

These were important experiences for the young attendees, and displayed a fundamental intuition and fast ability on the part of the leading artist, Kate Wilson, without whose vision would have made for a much plainer programme. The experiences of these workshops will remain ingrained in these toddlers sense of self throughout their life and hopefully serve as positive inspiration over the course of their existence.

The workshops recommence om 3rd February 2011 and those interested should contact the Model reception on 071-9141405 or email info@themodel.ie for bookings. These workshops are free, but registration is essential.

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