14 Feb. 2019

Valentine's Day at The Model

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are bringing you a series of three paintings from the Niland Collection that capture love in all its glory. These paintings are currently on show in the exhibition, The Keeper; To have and to hold. This exhibition will continue until 14. Apr.

Stephen and Mary Mc Kenna, 1912 by Mary Duncan

This portrait, which depicts the writer and translator Stephen Mc Kenna (1872–1934), and his American wife Mary, was painted at their home 5 Seaview Terrace, Donnybrook, Dublin by Mary Duncan. Lazing in the backyard on a balmy day, the painting captures the comfort and intimacy the couple shared.

William and Mary, 1946 by Sean Keating

Keating’s first visit to the Aran Islands in 1914 had a deep impact on his life and art. He concluded that the essence of Irishness resided in the inhabitants of the west and in works such as William and Mary where Keating elevated country folk to native nobility. This couple, that may or may not have existed due to Keating’s penchant for re-using his model’s images throughout his work, is possibly the artist’s understanding of an Irish relationship.

Leaving Far Point, 1946 by Jack B. Yeats

Jack Yeats gave this painting to his wife Cottie on her birthday in 1947. Sadly, she passed away just two months later. It shows Yeats, Cottie and his favourite uncle, George Pollexfen, walking at Rosses Point, on the north side of Sligo bay. As George had passed away in 1910, the painting is a merging of memories and desire, bringing together the two most important people in Yeats’ life. In the painting the figures are almost subsumed into the surrounding sea and sky, their forms tenuously delineated in paint, in a manner analogous to the weakness of memory itself.

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Rebecca Kennedy

1 Feb. 2019

February in Film

This February, The Model presents a selection of world-class films that is sure to please cinephiles of all ages. As well as partnering with Sligo Film Society to bring the very best in foreign film to Sligo audiences, The Model’s Secondary School Film programme is back! The Model is also delighted to present #EUandME, in partnership with the European Commission Representation in Ireland and Eclipse Pictures. This exciting new series of shorts directed by E.U. filmmakers will explore key challenges that facing the European union today. Have your say after the screening in the ‘Citizens’ Dialogue’ – a public panel discussion and debate exploring the issues raised in the films.

First up is The Model’s Secondary School Film programme which explores multi-cultural cinematic themes and film in secondary school curricula. On 04. Feb, senior-level French students are invited to attend a screening of Keeper, (2015), an award-winning drama that tells the tale of a teenage couple who must deal with their parents and everyday life when life takes an unpredictable turn. Secondary School Film Screenings are presented in association with IFI Education and are offered at a subsidized rate of €4 per student.

The first February offering from Sligo Film Society comes in the form of a Turkish, French, German and Bulgarian collaboration called ‘The Wild Pear Tree,’ (07. Feb). Upon returning home from college to his Turkish hometown, aspiring writer Sinan discovers that his father’s gambling addiction has brought the family to the brink of financial ruin. Palme d’Or winning director Nuri Bilge Ceylan delivers another piece of intelligent and beautiful cinema, which is also a life-affirming and frequently funny meditation on life and the choices people make.

On Valentine’s day, German-made ‘The Captain,’ (14. Feb) takes us back to April 1945: just weeks before the end of World War II. German private Willi Herold is on the run after deserting his post. He happens upon an abandoned vehicle containing a captain’s uniform. Initially putting the outfit on for warmth, he soon finds himself mistaken for an officer with unquestioned power. But how far will he take the impersonation…spend Valentine’s evening at The Model Cinema to find out.

Don’t miss Robert Redford in ‘The Old Man and the Gun’ (21. Feb). This American heist film boasts a powerful performance from Redford who portrays real-life career criminal Forrest Tucker, an unrepentant bank robber out for his last taste of glory.

The final film of February is an Australian production that is being screened across Irish cinemas as a part of the prestigious Dublin International Film Festival tour. ‘The Merger,’ (28.Feb) tells the story of a former star footballer who returns to his hometown only to find his political views aren’t welcome. When he is persuaded to take over coaching the struggling local footy team, his idea to recruit refugees to make up the numbers takes the community on a journey of change.

Last but not least is #EUandME. with screenings for both schools and the public, The Model presents #EUandME, in partnership with the European Commission Representation in Ireland and Eclipse Pictures. #EUandME, (28. Feb) is a special free screening of five short films exploring key challenges from sustainability, to mobility and rights. Directed by leading filmmakers drawn from across the European Union, #EUandMe is a “timely exploration of some of the most pressing issues of our time”. The screening will be followed by a ‘Citizens’ Dialogue’ – a public panel discussion and debate exploring the issues raised in the films. Speakers will be announced closer to the date. An early screening for school students will take place at 11.30am and a general public screening will take place at 6pm.

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Related Programming

29 Jan. 2019

‘Not Consent’ Exhibition Comes to Sligo

An event is coming to the North West this month to create awareness around the issue of consent. The exhibition called ‘Not Consent’ will take place in IT Sligo and display items of clothing worn by victims when they were sexually assaulted as well as hearing from a number of speakers.

The organiser of the event Ruth Maxwell decided to bring the event to the region in the wake of surviving her own experience of assault. Attacked by a man with a hunting knife on her way to work in Dublin on May 16, 2016, Ruth successfully managed to stop the assailant by grabbing the weapon in her own hand, causing gruesome injuries but managing to free herself. The case played a key role in a garda investigation linking this incident to two other attacks on women in the area and resulted in a conviction against the man for all three incidents.

Hosted in IT Sligo, the project is in collaboration with Sligo Rape Crisis Centre, Priscilla Grainger of SDVII, The Model Sligo and Survivors with Biros among other organisations. “The event was inspired by the photo exhibition Katherine Cambareri did for her thesis of clothing worn by sexual assault and rape victims as well as my love of art and my own personal experience. I wanted to bring this powerful message to life to create awareness around the issue of consent and I am delighted to be bringing this exhibition to Sligo with a number of incredible organisations.” Said organiser Ruth Maxwell.

‘Not Consent’ will run in IT Sligo on Tuesday, January 29th in The Concourse between 3pm-7pm.

For more information please contact:
Ruth Maxwell
Email – ruthbmaxwell@googlemail.com

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Rebecca Kennedy

25 Jan. 2019

Australia Day chat with our resident Australian

To celebrate Australia day, we caught up with our resident Australian, Fiona Timoney, to ask her to choose her favourite piece in the Niland collection and explain why she finds it compelling.

Although I had heard of Jack B and W.B Yeats before I moved to Ireland, I didn’t know that their father, John Butler Yeats, was a brilliant artist. What I like about these drawings is the focus that John Butler has put on his daughters Lily and Lolly. The detail is exquisite and really brings out their personalities. They’re timeless; they could have been drawn yesterday. The works remind me of my favourite Australian artist, Norman Lindsay.

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Rebecca Kennedy

7 Dec. 2018

Christmas at The Model: What's on?

The Model is delighted to announce a festive programme of events, exhibitions and classes sure to keep the whole family entertained throughout the Christmas season. The run-up to Christmas will see the return of beloved Model favourites like Sligo Global Kitchen, A History of Play, and a sold-out Family Day Christmas Special, as well as our contemporary art programme, and a children’s free secret seasonal screening.

To feed the kid’s festive fun, bring them along to a free secret movie screening at 1.30pm, on December 16th. Ping Pong Diplomacy, an interactive art piece by Mark Clare is also situated in The Model foyer if you fancy challenging the family to a tournament this Christmas!

Sligo Global Kitchen will be holding their final event of the year on Saturday, December 15th. As this is the last event of 2018, SGK has promised a BIG BANG featuring Christmas flavours from El Salvador, music by The Sligo Gospel Choir, DJ Magictunez and our Syrian friends from Ballaghadereen. Music kicks off at 3pm, with food following at 4pm.

Sligo Global Kitchen are also holding an information session by Akidwa and IOM on “Reaching out, Becoming Inclusive,’ which will take place from 12pm to 1.30pm. Attendees are welcome to drop in at any stage. Everyone is welcome, and the events are free (with donations appreciated), so bring family and friends to break bread with the wider Sligo community.

The Models galleries are open with Chris Doris; The Empty Field, Eammon O Kane; a History of Play and, Yeats; Portrait of a Family. Kids will enjoy exploring Eamon O’Kanes ‘A History of Play’ throughout December. This interactive exhibition, inspired by the work of Kindergarten founder Frederick Frobel, is a colourful wonderland that encourages imagination and learning.

Chris Doris; The Empty Field, is a unique and personally intimate gallery experience which draws on the Mayo based artist’s distinctive synthesis of practices in psychotherapy, art and meditation. This striking exhibition will remain open until January 27th 2019.

Yeats; Portrait of a Family, provides an intimate look at the Yeats Family through the portraits of John Butler Yeats and a selection of other artists featuring work newly acquired from the Yeats Family sale and now on long-term loan to The Niland Collection. This exhibition was extended by popular demand and will come to close on December 16th 2018 so be sure to see this wonderful exhibition before it’s too late.

Keep Christmas cultured with Sligo Film Society’s final screening for 2018 – director John Carroll Lynch’s ‘Lucky’, featuring actor Harry Dean is on show at 8pm on December 13th.

Why not take up a new hobby this December? Graphite & Easel, a peer-led life drawing class, open to beginner’s takes place from 10.30am to 1.00pm every Friday until December 21st.
The Model will be closed for the Christmas holidays on Mon 24, Tue. 25, Wed. 26 & Thu. 27 Dec. We will be open again Fri. 28 & Sat 29 Dec. 10.30am – 3.30pm. The Model will then be closed for New Year’s celebrations on Sun. 30, Mon. 31 Dec, Tue. 1 Jan. Our regular schedule will return on Wed. 2 Jan

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27 Nov. 2018

'Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know' - A contemplation of John Yeats

In Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know, Colm Tóibín’s new non-fiction book, the Enniscorthy writer turns his incisive gaze to three of Ireland’s greatest writers, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats and James Joyce, and their earliest influences: their fathers. To celebrate the extension of Yeats; Portrait of a Family, The Model’s seminal exhibition that celebrates the life and work of the Yeats family, we thought it may be an interesting exercise to take a look at the exhibition through the lens of John Yeats and the influence he had on his children.

John Yeats spent much of his life as an impoverished artist. Though a trained barrister, John Yeats gave up law, instead he turned to painting. This move proved hazardous for his family, who struggled financially as a consequence of their father’s choice. John had six children with his wife, Susan Pollexfen. Their four surviving children were William, Susan, Elizabeth and Jack.

John, a famously restless spirit, was the son of a Co Down Church of Ireland rector He was a prize-winning student at Trinity and went on to become a barrister. Though accomplished, he did not settle into the legal world – often sketching in court, for example – and, to the alarm of his wife’s family, decided to abandon law and become an artist. Portraiture suited his lively temperament, his inveterate interest in people and his appetite for conversation. His subjects included many of the leading figures in Irish cultural life at the time. Technically he was more than capable, though in a significant proportion of his work he can come across as an underachiever, unsure of how to resolve a painting. Although given to moments of self-doubt, rather than feeling overawed by the respective achievements of his two sons, he genuinely felt that his talents were more than the equal of theirs, in both artistic and literary spheres.

In Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know, it is interesting to view the complex relationships between one of the most artistic families in the English language and their father, but also illustrates the surprising ways they surface in their work. For John, his influence on his children came in a surprising form. After his move to New York, at the age of 68, his influence on his son’s poetry came to be profound; safely at a distance in the US, it was possible for him to write to William often, and fervently, about his work. Whether Jack, who had also become a painter, took direct and deliberate inspiration from his father remains a mystery. While William noted that his father was a ‘brilliant letter-writer’, Jack was much more inclined to claim Sligo County as the main source of his inspiration rather than the father he helped to support till John Butler’s death in 1922.

In the Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know, Tóibín remarked that “In this world of sons, fathers become ghosts and shadows and fictions. They live in memories and letters, becoming more complex, fulfilling their sons’ needs as artists, standing out of the way.” Whether John B. Yeats fulfilled his sons needs as artists is a mystery lost in time. He did, however, cast a very long shadow.

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Related Programming

5 Oct. 2018

Navá is set to return to Sligo for one night only

We are thrilled that Navá will be holding a concert here on Sat. 13 Oct. Those who attended Culture Night 2016 will fondly remember Iranian brother’s Shahab and Shayan Coohe from their arresting performance with Kaleidoscope Night at The Model. Navá, for those unfamiliar with the group, is an Irish-Persian ensemble comprised of the Coohe brothers & folk/bluegrass musicians Paddy Kiernan and Niall Hughes. Both Iran and Ireland have long musical histories interweaved into their respective cultures, and Navá effortlessly intermingles these histories, to create a whimsical genre-defying sound.

Using the Santoor (a trapezoid-shaped stringed instrument that pre-dates the duclimer and piano) and the Tar (a plucked string instrument which pre-dates the lute and guitar) the Coohe brothers create music in the great Persian tradition of improvisation and composition. The traditional music of Iran is believed to be a message, a call from the artist’s innermost consciousness. Deeply intertwined with Iran’s age-old history and culture, it is an expression of the joys, loves, sorrows, efforts and struggles of life throughout the ages. Paddy Kiernan and Niall Hughes represent the Celtic side of the divide, keeping a punchy, traditional Irish rhythm with both the banjo and guitar.

The musical freedom of Persian melodies infused with the strict, melodic form of Irish traditional sound not only create an unexplored landscape of folk but also a totally original live performance that will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Navá’s incomparable sound has recently warranted a nomination for Best Emerging Folk Artist at the RTE Radio One Folk.

During the ensemble’s performance at The Model, Navá will be performing material from their debut album ‘Tapestry,’ as well premiering new material. Although Nava’s nationwide tour will see them perform in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Clare, Mayo, and Galway, the quartet will perform at The Model for one night and one night only, so be sure to book your tickets in advance.

Navá will perform at The Model on Sat. 13 Oct., 8pm

Tickets can be purchased online or at The Model box office on 0719141405

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Rebecca Kennedy

21 Sep. 2018

Culture Night 2018: What’s On

That special time of year is upon us once again. Culture Night, a staple event of every culture vultures’ calendar takes place this evening, on Fri. 21 of September. To help you sort your schedule for what is sure to be a fantastic night of dazzling cultural displays, we have complied a list of what The Model has on offer. So grab your pens and gets circling because we have an exciting selection of events you won’t want to miss!

Eamon O’Kane; A History of Play | 10 am – 10 pm

A History of Play in a colourful three-dimensional installation where children are invited to explore shape, colour and constructive design through imaginative and creative play. Inspired by the work of the innovative kindergarten pioneer, Fredrich Frobel, this fantastic exhibition was designed to help kid’s build and create while having an excellent time.

Imagination Playground | 3pm – 6pm

Come and build with the Imagination Playground, our collaboration event with the Hawkswell Theatre. This breakthrough playspace concept was designed to encourage child-directed free play. These blue foam blocks of various shapes – squares, channel chutes, balls, and connectors – enable children and their adults to have hours of fun as they imagine, invent, build and play. This is a fully facilitated event. Suitable for children 7 – 10 years old.

Open Studios | 5pm – 10pm

The studio artists of The Model will be opening their doors to the public. The artists in attendance will be on hand to greet the public and talk them through their creative process. Featuring esteemed Model Studio artists like Ruth le Gear, Andy Parsons, Sean Larkin, Pulled, Keira O’Toole, Michael Wann and Steve Wickham. This is a great event for any art enthusiast or student eager to see what being a working artist really means.

Sligo Global Kitchen | 5pm – 6.30pm

Why take just take part in Culture Night when you eat it too? SGK is back with a selection of delicious canapés from around the world that will be sure to get your mouth-watering. As always, Sligo Global Kitchen welcomes all so bring your family, friends and neighbours and break some bread with members of SGK.

Film Screening – The Breadwinner | 6pm – 7.45pm

The Model proudly presents an exclusive screening of Cartoon Saloon’s latest film The Breadwinner in The Model Cinema.
The Breadwinner tells the story of 11-year-old Parvana who gives up her identity to provide for her family and try to save her father’s life. The Breadwinner is a celebration of children – for children, whatever their age, wherever they live. The film was directed by Nora Twomey with a screenplay by Anita Doron and Deborah Ellis.

Jennifer Walshe; Aisteach | 10 am -10 pm

This ambitious multi-faceted exhibition combining visual art, literature, film, performance and music, will see renowned composer and artist Jennifer Walshe working both as artist and curator of Aisteach; the Avant-Garde Archive of Ireland.

Tour our acclaimed Aisteach exhibition with Jennifer Walshe | 6 pm

The Niland Gallery | 10 am – 10 pm

Yeats: Portrait of a Family. This exhibition gifts the viewer with an intimate look at the Yeats Family through the portraits of John Butler Yeats and a selection of other artists. The show features a body of work newly added to The Niland Collection.
A selection of Jack B. Yeats work from The Niland collection is also on display.

Jack Fennell | 7 pm

Join writer Jack Fennell as he presents a gallery talk on his adventures in the annals of Irish science fiction writing to reveal strange and wonderful tales of time-travel, alien visitations and terrifying monsters. Fennell, who is the editor of A Brilliant Void: A Selection of Classic Irish Science Fiction, considers in this talk both how our ancestors imagined the future world, while also hypothesising what a Martian might perhaps make of a hurling match or the banking inquiry.

Project for the reclamation of the Irish Body; Curated by Jennifer Walshe | 8pm -10 pm

The galleries that host Jennifer Walshe’s exhibition will be filled with music and movement. Dancers will offer free, short group classes in a wide variety of dances and physical practices, all aimed at absolute beginners.

Click here to visit the Project for the reclamation of the Irish Body event

Free Admission to all events

13 Jul. 2018

Imagine to Imagine: A little bit of freedom and some well-organized chaos

This article first appeared in Sligo Now magazine July 2018 edition

Imagine to Imagine was an art camp for artists, students and art enthusiasts that was held in The Model, Sligo. To gain an understanding of this unique workshop, which took place in June, Rebecca Kennedy spoke to facilitating Artist, Lillian Scholtes, and a few of the workshop’s participants. Imagine to Imagine was held as an extension of Future Perfect, an exhibition that saw sixteen contemporary German artists exhibit their work. The show contained a kaleidoscope of mediums, including films, photographs, sculptures, objects, paintings, and collages, so it was a rich well of material on which to base a workshop. Among the artists featured in the exhibition, were prestigious German art-group DAS INSTITUT, Cyprien Gaillard and former artist-in-residence Yorgos Sapountzis.

When entering the room in which the workshop was held, it was easy to see that when The Model advertised Imagine to Imagine as a multi-media workshop, they meant it. Glitter dusts the floor, sheets of lavender and mauve fabrics are draped from the roof beams, and what looks to be a large make-shift boat is assembled in the corner. Scholtes, the facilitator of the group wanders from participant to participant, offering advice and assistance. ‘I do not criticize,’ said Scholtes, who seemed repelled by the very idea of it, ‘I am not here to criticize anyone, I am just a presence in the room that may help if needed.’ And help she does, at one point in the morning, Scholtes could be seen helping one participant wrap another, mummy-style, in metallic gold sheet paper. Scholtes is a seasoned artist who works predominantly with sculpture, but she never misses a chance to facilitate a workshop, as she sees education as an integral facet of her practice. ‘I understand my practice as being educational as well as artistic. My work is set every day between education and practice, the lines are blurred.’

Imagine to Imagine is what could be called a ‘response’ workshop, meaning that the participants began the workshop by spending some time in Future Perfect, to get inspired before the workshop began. The depth and breath of work exhibited was certainly reflected in the range of work produced in the workshop, be it 2D, 3D, video or performance, it was represented.

Imagine to Imagine was free-form, so participants could make anything they desired, without the restriction of an objective. Scholtes, who tours along with the exhibition, has held this workshop around the globe and knows what to expect. In order to encourage those who take part in the Imagine to Imagine to break free from their comfort zone, Scholtes advises her workshop to make first, and think later. ‘If you approach with form and not meaning,’ said Scholtes, ‘it’s an invitation to talk. The material just allows you to make whatever is in your head a physical thing, so you can share it. Sometimes a participant might have an idea of what they want to make before they make it, whatever they want, I do not criticize.’

Expression is the key theme in free-form workshops like Imagine to Imagine, which have become increasingly popular since the recent revival of age-old practices like mindfulness, meditation and art therapy. The benefits of an art practice in terms of mental health has long documented history but there are many other benefits for participants, like Maggie Hedge, who had this to say on the workshop, ‘It took me out of my comfort zone in the Ox Mountains, and it presented us with different materials, which is great because I usually just do the gardening. It’s me time!’
Imagine to Imagine also offered its participants the opportunity to build on their own knowledge and improve their skills by picking up tips from an experienced artist, which was certainly a draw for some of the classes participants, many of whom had been practising some form of art for years. An example of this was Scholtes demonstration of how exhibited art can be read in context with one another. While a piece may conjure a certain frame of thought on its own, that frame of thought may be challenged when read in the entirety of the exhibition. ‘We looked at how things are connected,’ said Scholtes, ‘like the work of DAS INSTITUT. There is work made from many different mediums and they are each made at different times but together, they tell a complex story.’

Others, particularly the teenage members of the workshop were drawn to the social element of the workshop. Sometimes, living along the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way can have its disadvantages, one being that it can be difficult to find those who have similar interests to your own, particularly if those interests are niche. Workshops like Imagine to Imagine give participants the chance to meet like-minded people who can expose you to new tricks of the trade like framing ideas, art by artists you’ve never heard of, galleries and museums to explore, and even new music to listen to. There are many fringe benefits in the workshop community. Workshops can also function to rejuvenate any underlying artistic ambitions and motivate those who already practice. After immersing yourself in a busy workshop, many will find a desire to work at that concentrated rate. Many artists report an urgency to dive back into their artwork with a rabid work ethic after a workshop.

This proved true for Shannon Re, the education assistant at The Model, who was tasked with assisting Scholtes. Re found the work of many of the participants inspiring, particularly Maggie Hedges’ work, ‘Shipwreck,’ an installation she created while meditating on the refugee crisis. ‘It’s really captivating because it’s explores so many materials in fleshing out the idea. I think that taking everyone out of their comfort zone proved to be very energizing.’

Imagine to Imagine came to an end after five days, with an offer for the participants to make a short presentation about their work so they could further discuss the ideas that had inspired them. The art camp was a great success, with many participants remarking that they hoped the workshop would be held again soon. We can only imagine that it was the formula of Scholtes workshop that won her class over, perhaps we all need a little bit of freedom and some well-organized chaos in our lives.

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Rebecca Kennedy

13 Jun. 2018

Berlin Artist Nasan Tur to take Residency at The Model

The Model is delighted to welcome German artist Nasan Tur to Sligo for a summer residency. Tur will deliver an artist talk on July 1st, and facilitate a special family day on July 15th at as part of the associated programme for Future Perfect, and exhibition of contemporary art from Germany.

Born in 1974 in Offenbach, Nasan Tur lives in Berlin. In humorous and subversive works he reflects on the relationship between the viewers of an artwork and the work itself in public space. At the interface of art and life, his works often invite viewers to take participatory action.

In 2006, Nasan Tur made a set of “Backpacks”, which is currently being exhibited in The Model as part of Future Perfect. These backpacks can be borrowed by exhibition visitors and used in public space as their wishes, demands, or needs dictate – for demonstrating or sabotaging, for public speaking, for a fan ritual, or just to cook something. Art leaves the museum and can be individually appropriated.

All are welcome to attend the artist talk with Nasan Tur at 5 pm on July 1st.

A dynamic family workshop, which promises to be inventive, humorous and loads of fun on July 15th is for children aged 6+ and their parents/guardians.
Further details are available on themodel.ie

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Rebecca Kennedy

24 Apr. 2018

Carbury National School - Punc 1x1

In February, Carbury National School responded to the Punc 1×1 artworks on loan to their school from the Niland Collection. They produced their own artistic interpretations of the Niland Collection paintings through a series of interactive workshops as part of the Punc artist in schools initiative, a new strand to this years programme.

They examined intriguing aspects of the paintings, which were on display in their school recently. While the artist was at their school the students explored paintings of the ever-changing Irish landscape and experimented with perspective drawing.

Their wonderful creativity prompted a whole range of suggested names for the painting that was on display in their school. Below are some of their unique and creative suggestions for what the title could be:

Valley of Hills
Sleeping Giant
Hillside Houses
Hidden Lizard
Reptile Mountain
Gloomy Valley
Clouds Over Country
Frog Mountain
From the Top of the Hill
A Land of Peace
Storm on the Blue Mountains
Hidden Lake
Volcanic Valley

Since visiting the school the 3rd class children continued to engage Niland Collection by visiting The Model for a guided gallery tour of our exhibition Turbulence.

Artist Shannon Re will continue to visit each of the seven participating schools from now to the end of May. If your school is interested in workshops with the artist please phone The Model on 071 914 1405

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Rebecca Kennedy

13 Apr. 2018

The Model Blog celebrates its 10th birthday

The Model blog has been entertaining, enthralling and informing the public for an entire decade. The blog, which celebrates its 10th birthday on April 16th, was started in 2008, when The Model’s website was in its infancy. During its formative years, the blog was primarily a resource for keeping the public informed on all things Model but as time ticked by, the blog gradually developed into an innovative space featuring news on new acquisitions, announcements, reviews, event breakdowns, interviews and guest blogs.

Over the years, the blog has featured articles from various contributors including Model marketing team alumni such as Denise Rushe, Erin Fox, Aoife Porter and also, young model members, guest bloggers, work experience students and artists’ in residence. This has provided The Model blog with a multitude of different styles & influences with each voice bringing its own unique flavor to the blog. Time has also seen the blog develop its tone from informative to a more laid-back, informal style.

In 2010, The Model was nominated for Best Arts and Culture blog in the Irish Blog Awards. Sadly, we missed out on the honour but the nomination did cement the weblogs reputation as a celebration of everything arts and culture. The blog has also boosted a slew of famous interviewees including Patti Smith, Elizabeth Price and Sean Mc Sweeney, all of whom were interviewed either by young model members or new members of staff because here in The Model, we believe in allowing everyone to share in an opportunity, no matter their age, origins or point of view.

So in honor of our weblog’s 10th birthday, we’re celebrating you, our followers. Thank you for reading and supporting The Model blog over the years. We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to our blog, be them budding writers or talented photographers. We hope you join us as we continue to grow, inform and have fun!

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Rebecca Kennedy

11 Apr. 2018

Sligo Global Kitchen claims Irish Food Writers’ Guild Community Award + New SGK dates

Last Month, Sligo Global Kitchen claimed the prestigious Irish Food Writers’ Guild Community Award. The Model is delighted to see Sligo Global Kitchen recognised for all their hard work and dedication. SGK was awarded the honour by none other than the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, an organisation that celebrates indigenous food producers and organisations who create, make and share great Irish produce and products while helping to maintain Ireland’s outstanding international reputation in food and drink. We think that SGK are fully deserving of this award and congratulate them for their achievement.

SGK grew out of a simple idea; that people living locally in direct provision might appreciate the use of the arts centre’s industrial kitchen to cook and eat together, given that residents cannot cook their own food whilst living in direct provision. Anna Spearman, a studio artist at The Model, reached out to Mabel Chah to liaise with other residents in direct provision and SGK was born. Since its inception, SGK has seen hundreds of friends and strangers gather together to enjoy dishes from Syria, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ireland, Poland and other countries. These communal dinners function to foster connections between the local community and those living in direct provision. Everyone is welcome and the meals are served for free, although donations are received with gratitude. The donations that are collected are then used to fund future SGK events. SGK has been generously funded since 2015 by the Community Foundation for Ireland. Other funding sources include the Communities Integration Fund. Since it’s inception, SGK has served over a thousand people and The Model is proud to have played host to some of their most memorable events.

Since receiving the Irish Food Writers’ Guild Community Award, members of SGK have been having their say on how the win has made them feel. ‘I am very happy for the prize we have received, it is a joy to know that the collaboration of all and teamwork has resulted in this award,’ said Arle Bell Gallardo, a member of Sligo Global Kitchen. Mabel Chah, the project co-odinater of SGK, also chimed in with her point of view on the big win. ‘I think it was very rewarding and more so because we don’t do anything with the hope that we will be receiving awards or national recognition,’ said Mabel, ‘We are grateful for The Model opening it’s doors to us and to Sligo sharing in our meals and to the whole nation for taking us in. We are here!’

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Rebecca Kennedy

12 Dec. 2017

Lankum - Interview

Lankum are one of the most intriguing bands to ever spring from Irish soil. During their Irish winter tour, before they took to the stage at The Model Sligo, Rebecca Kennedy sat down with Ian to talk tours, fans and tradition.

How’s the tour going?
It’s going really good. It’s really enjoyable. We are playing a lot of iconic venues around Ireland; Cleere’s in Kilkenny, The Spirit Store in Dundalk, Connolly’s in West Cork. We haven’t played so much in Ireland so much in the last year. We go to the U.K. a lot and play in other countries so it’s really good fun to catch up with friends and having a laugh.

What kind of audience are you seeing at your gigs?

We’ve always had a very big mix of different types of people coming to our gigs everywhere. If we play in Dublin or we play in London or Scotland. It’s really funny because you see really heavy metallers sitting beside 70-year-old traditional singers. And you’ll be thinking, ‘Where else would you see those two sitting beside each other in any other kind of gig?’ It’s really positive. We get a mix of different age groups and different people that are into our gigs and it’s been like that since we started playing together.

How did your audience re-act when you were signed to Rough Trade? Was there a fear that joining a major label would change the fabric of the music?

Rough Trade have been great. It’s a really legendary label, like they’ve been going since 1976 and they are still independent. I can imagine with any other big label they might be trying to get you to change the music in someway. But rough trade they said right from the get-go, ‘we love what you do, were not going to tell you how to do it.’ And they didn’t, whatever we wanted, like a 12-minute ballad they were like grand. We didn’t want a barcode on the front of the album, they said that’s grand, we will put it on a sticker on the back. We’ve always been a band that’s focused on the songs. We keep the compositions sparse because all the magic you already need in the song itself.

Lankum follow the old Irish tradition of collecting songs. How does that process work?

We spend a lot of time going to special singing gigs. We go a lot to Donegal, especially the Inishowen peninsula. They have really nice ballad singing weekends and monthly sessions as well. We just like travelling around and spending time with older singers, it’s really great craic as well. Most of the songs that are on the new album are songs we heard people singing and we would ask them if we could we write them down. We spend a lot of time trawling through archives & going through older print collections to find songs. It’s one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I would have grown up in that type of environment where anytime the family was together, someone was singing for the craic. It didn’t even need to be traditional songs; it just needed to be someone singing to pass the time. That’s why we have such a taste for it.

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Rebecca Kennedy

6 Dec. 2017

Turbulence: Rebecca Kennedy reports on the opening celebrations

On Dec. 01, The Model celebrated the opening of our new major contemporary art exhibition with a spectacular array of events. Turbulence is a major exhibition that explores the way in which contemporary artists are responding to the refugee crisis today. The exhibition features work by artists Rossella Biscotti, Elaine Hoey, Gulsun Karamustafa, Naiza Khan, Eoin McHugh, Cengiz Tekin, Sarah Wood and Jack Butler Yeats.

Given the concept behind Turbulence, it seemed only fitting that Sligo Global Kitchen would kick off the opening by doing what S.G.K. does best; serving up a variety of mouth-watering tapas. A crèche facilitated by Model volunteers Binta Sow, Fatma Dogan and Niamh Gowran was set up in the education room. Those of us who had been to Sligo Global Kitchen at The Model before were aware of its ever-growing audience. By 4pm, the atrium was filled to the brim. Such was the crowd that the queue snaked passed the café and lead straight through to the bottom of the staircase. The S.G.K. crew on hand; Nkeka Cummings, Funmi Oluwadara and Sara Batiglag handled the gathering with grace and patience.

By 4.30pm, our patience was rewarded and everyone was seated. One of the many reasons why SGK has enjoyed success since it’s inception has been the unity that is shared over a meal. Indeed, there was unity among us, what with strangers sitting with strangers and enjoying some homemade food with a glass of wine, but there was also an unmistakable spirit of solidarity.

To officiate the opening, actor & writer Donal O’ Kelly took to the balcony and preformed a specially created performance piece in response to the ideas behind Turbulence. He later said that he was “Honoured to be part of the opening event of such an important exhibition as Turbulence, and to try to amplify the voices of those deliberately silenced and isolated among us, such as refugees and asylum-seekers in Direct Provision.”

Following Donal O’ Kelly’s enigmatic performance S.G.K.’s project coordinator, Mabel Chah sung an original song entitled ‘burning coal,’ that left the entire artrium silent. When the performances had come to a close, Turbulence was officially opened to the public with a speech from The Model’s chairperson, Dr. Bláithín Gallagher.

Elaine Hoey’s VR piece ‘The Weight of Water’ caused a particular stir. This piece, which uses virtual reality technology puts the partcipant in the position of a refugee in a boat, suffering through the infamously treacherous journey to Europe. Yvonne Eames, who attended the exhibition, told us why she found this piece particularly moving. “I’m a solicitor and I work with refugees at the legal aid board,’ said Mrs. Eames. ‘I thought Elaine Hoey’s ‘The Weight of Water’, was very evocative. It wasn’t brash, it was simplistic and that helped insulate the experience. I hope that this powerful piece will go on to create real change in how we view and treat refugees in Irish society.”

Sprawling across the entirety of The Model upper galleries, Turbulence is not only a mammoth exhibition in it’s size, but also in it’s concept. Within the exhibition, mass movement is explored from the perspective of some of contemporay arts most interesting artists. The refugee crisis effects us all, from old to young, which is why we thought we’d ask one of the youngest visitor’s of the opening, what she thought of it all. Annie Spearman, who attended the exhibition at the ripe age of 17, had this to say on the matter. “The exhibition was really engaging and complex but it still managed to make the refugee crisis relatable to me” said Annie, “The opening was really good; Mabel’s song was beautiful. It made me cry!”

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Rebecca Kennedy

21 Nov. 2017

Daniel Chester - Open Studio

There is a contemplative, sublime and somewhat sombre quality in Daniel Chester’s landscapes. When shown during the 2016 Cairde festival, his large-scale rural landscapes emanated a beauty that was both haunting and tender, it was no surprise then, when Chester became the recipient of The Model Cara Award 2016, a unique prize which is an invitation to the artist to develop a project in The Model’s process room.

Usually, residencies entail an artist taking over some private quarters, however on this occasion the Leitrim-based artist decided to base himself in The Model process room, turning it into a place of work. Casting open the metaphorical (and physical) doors in order to dissolve the barriers that separate the artist from the audience, the artist has created an “open studio” where the public can observe and interact with the artist at work. It’s concept is live, interactive visual art, that deliberately blurs the lines between process and performance.

Throughout the month of November, Chester has the run of the process room; a large, bright space with twin windows that naturally lends itself as a studio. For the duration of his residency, his space is open to the public (daily 10am – 2pm). As well as presenting an oppountinity for Chester to meet his curious audience, the open studio presents an unique chance to observe Chester’s working process as his pieces unfold before us. It’s a fascinating concept, the idea that we can simply observe as Chester creates his sobering & oppressive pieces, attempting to pinpoint the exquisite moment in which they become emotionally shattering.

So come along and see Daniel Chester, he will be working in the Process Room 10am-2pm daily until 02 Dec. The pieces that Chester complete in The Model will be on display in the process room till late December. See reception for details.

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Rebecca Kennedy

10 Nov. 2017

The Model's Education Autumn/Winter Programme has arrived!

The Model is delighted to announce the arrival of the 2017 Winter/Autumn education programme! This season will see the return of some educational classics like Sligo Latin Dance, Sligo Global Kitchen, a season Family Special, as well as some fantastic new workshops for children on Sundays.

Join Dr Marie Bourke, (Curator of Frederic William Burton: For the Love of Art currently on view at The national Gallery), on Thursday 16th Nov. for a talk on this leading water colourist of the Pre-Raphaelite era including his work in the West of Ireland. Burton’s 1864 work, The Meeting on the Turret Stairs was voted Ireland’s favourite painting by the public in 2012. More here

This season sees the return of the much loved ArtTrap, a Sunday programme of workshops for children. Facilitated by artists Ana Faye and Sinead O’ Hanlon, this series of fun creative activities is designed to encourage children to explore the galleries and learn about contemporary art through making, experimenting and discussion. ArtTrap is a series of five unique workshops which will take place from Sunday 19th Nov. to 10th Dec. 12.30am – 2pm. €15 per class.

Daniel Chester, recipient of the Cara Visual Award 2016 is Artist-in-Residence in The Model Process room throughout November. Chester will run an Open Studio at The Model’s Process Room between 10am-2pm daily until 02 Dec, where the public have the chance to watch this talented painter at work and talk to him about his ideas and techniques. An artist’s talk with Daniel Chester will take place at The Model on Thursday 16 November at 2pm.

Running out of ideas for this year’s Christmas decorations? Then you have come to the right place! The Model is hosting a Family Day Christmas Special. This will be a fun-filled cracker of a workshop that promises to sparkle with Christmas magic. And just to top it all, the workshop will be followed by a Christmas film for all the family in The Model cinema. Family Day will take place on Sun. 17 Dec., 11.30am – 3pm. €10 for one adult + one child/ €2 per additional child.

Sligo Global Kitchen (SGK) is back! SGK is an art and food project, bringing diverse and multi-cultural communities together at a communal table. So bring your friends and family along and discover new tastes & flavours at Sligo’s most communal table. SGK takes place at 3pm on 18 Nov. & 16 Dec. Sligo Global Kitchen will also cater for the opening of Turbulence, a major exhibition opening at the Model on Sat. 02 Dec.

Sligo Latin Dance is making its much-anticipated return at last! These sessions are an introduction to Latin Dance taught by Loander and Jesus, Latin dancers from Venezuela. Learn to Salsa, Merengue, and Bacheta in a fun, ambient environment. The classes include complimentary classic Venezuelan “mocktails” and mini tapas. The classes are held on Thursdays from the 14. Nov-19. Dec. 11am-12pm, €5.

In partnership with the Irish Film Institute, a film programme for secondary school students will focus on both German and French – The Wild Soccer Bunch, a German coming of age tale and My life As A Courgette, a beautifully animated Swiss/French will be showing on 11am, Thu. 23 Nov and Thu. 7. Dec. respectively.

The exciting pop-up Niland Collection programme Punc 1×1 will continue to unfold throughout the year in schools throughout the county. Schools are also invited to visit our wonderful collection of art and tour our contemporary exhibitions all year round. Please contact The Model for more details on our tour programme.

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Rebecca Kennedy

4 Oct. 2017

High Winds Move Slowly

The Model is delighted to announce that our contemporary art exhibition High Winds Move Slowly will be extended until the 12th of November.

High Winds Move Slowly is a visual conversation between two artists on alienation, suffering, coping and the nature of life. Henk Visch expresses human suffering in his disembodied, humanoid sculptures while Arno Kramer favors escapism into an other-worldly animal realm of his own creation. This contemporary show is a must-see for the Halloween season so be sure to stop by, grab a coffee from The Model café and explore this surreal and enigmatic show.

Extended by popular demand this exhibition, which features drawing and sculptures from two of The Netherlands’ most subversive artists. So, if you haven’t had the time to stop by & check out the show; fear not, you have another month to do so.

To bring this special exhibition to a close, The Model will host a masterclass by renowned Dutch artist Arno Kramer on 31st of October. Kramer is a curator and poet, as well as a visual artist. He is the recipient of the 2015 Netherlands Artist of the Year award and he curated Into Drawing Contemporary Dutch Drawing, a show that went on to tour in five countries. Please be sure to book your places soon, as Kramer’s masterclass is sure to sell out!

Tickets are available here

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Related Programming

19 Sep. 2017

Culture Night 2017 - What's on!

Culture night 2017 is nearly upon us, and with the ever fascinating evening drawing closer by the day; we thought we would compile a list of exactly what’s on offer for the only night dedicated to celebrating all things cultural!

This years programme is coordinated by The Model on behalf of Culture Night Sligo partners, Sligo County Council Arts Service, the Hawk’s Well Theatre, The Model, Blue Raincoat Theatre Company and Sligo Youth Theatre. So, not only will we, The Model, be bursting to the brim with amazing events, all of Sligo will be following suit!

Here’s what’s on the cards:

Visual Art:

Time: 10am-10pm

Artist Select; Michael Wann is open to the public in the foyer gallery. At 6pm artist Barry McHugh will discuss a film by Oliver Laric which is exhibiting at The Model. A special tour of Jack B. Yeats; Lives will take place at 7pm, an exciting feature of this exhibition exploring the artists iconic oil paintings and pen and ink drawings is a recent acquisition of an original Jack B. Yeats’ sketchbook – a must see for any real Yeats head!

Performance: Suzanne Walshe
Time: 8pm

Suzanne Walshe will create a live, immersive soundscape surrounded & responding the work of Dutch artists Arno Kramer and Henk Visch in High Winds Move Slowly. This performance will be a highlight of Culture night!

Amhrán na Mara: Song of the Sea
Time: 6pm – 7.30pm

The Model Cinema will host a special Irish language screening of Amhrán na Mara (Song of The Sea) at 6 pm followed by Cupán & Comhrá with the musician, Rossa Ó Snodaigh in the Model Café. Song of the Sea tells the story of an Irish youth (David Rawle) who discovers that his mute sister is a selkie who must find her voice and free supernatural creatures from the spell of a Celtic goddess!

Monsieur Gusto “Hanging About” The Model
Time: 3pm & 4.30 pm

Monsieur Gusto, the worlds most amazing Juggling Escapologist sensation, has a show that you just can’t miss! Not only does he Juggle Fire Torches, Toilet Plungers and Water Balloons while Balancing on top of people just like you! Get ready to be fascinated, entertained and a little confused when Monsieur Gusto takes the stage!

Open Studios
Time: 5.00 pm – 9.00 pm

The studio artists of The Model will be opening their doors to the public. The artists in attendance will be on hand to greet the public and talk them through their creative process. Featuring esteemed Model Studio artists like Ruth le Gear, Andy Parsons, Sean Larkin, Pulled, Micheal Wann and Cairde Prize winning sculpter, Anna Spearman!

Art for Blind DJ Set
Time: 9.00pm – 10.00pm

Joining us to close out proceedings on our Culture Night celebrations will be Art for Blind who will spin some tunes in the atrium.

Culture Night is brought to you by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and the Creative Ireland Programme in partnership with Sligo County Council Arts Service.

Oíche Chultúir has been made possible by the An tOireachtas annual grant for Irish language events hosted on Culture Night. Scaip an scéal agus go n-éirigh go geal libh!

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Related Programming

8 Sep. 2017

Bright horizon’s for Model Artist Michael Wann

Artist Select: Michael Wann, Artist Talk & The Art of Drawing

Michael Wann has become increasingly busy this month. September sees the celebrated Sligo artist opening ‘Artist Select’, the second of our studio artists to exhibit in this exhibition series in The Model, following on from studio artist Kiera O’Tool. Wann has received awards, placements in prestigious exhibitions and is soon to start his Autumn masterclass ‘The Art of Drawing with Michael Wann.’ October will also prove a hectic month for Wann, as he is scheduled to give an artist talk that will accompany Artist Selects on 5. Oct., not to be missed.

But it hasn’t been all hard work.

In the last week alone, Wann’s work was commended by The Moth Art Prize, was published in the autumn issue of The Moth literary journal and was selected for the National Open Art Exhibition in Southbank London which will open in November.

Not an unfortunate lot for the sligo based artist.

Artists Select: Michael Wann

Exhibition: Sat. 9 Sep. – Sat. 7 Oct.

‘Artists Select’, is a unique initiative at The Model which invites artists to choose works from The Model’s Niland Collection and display their own personal work as a response. Works by Wann, together with Le Brocquy, Hooghiemstra, Diarmuid Delargy and Paul Henry exude a quiet intensity, tapping into a deep history of drawing which informs the present and will no doubt persist into the future. In this presentation, Wann presents exciting new work, with burnt edges, sepia splashes, spontaneous gestures and accidents, which blend and converge with the rational or more traditional array of made marks within the making of a landscape.

Artist Talk: Michael Wann

Artist Talk: Thu. 5 Oct., 2pm, Free

Wann will give a talk that will investigate and explore the relationship between his own work and his selected pieces.

The Art of Drawing with Michael Wann

26. Sep – 31. Oct

Tuedays, 2.30pm – 4.30pm (inter. & adv.), €120

The Art of Drawing with Michael Wann is a 6 week master class course in The Model, Sligo. The drawing classes commence on the 26th of September and will come to a close on the 21st of October. Michael Wann’s classes have long been a fixture of The Model’s programme as Michael provides his students with excellent expertise, a new skill-set and positive encouragement to explore your artistic side.

To book a place on “The Art of Drawing” you can contact Michael directly on: 087 9303528 or email: studio@michaelwann.com

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18 Aug. 2017

A breakdown of Model events for Sat. 19 Aug

To celebrate the opening of High Winds Move Slowly, The Model is hosting a number of curious and intriguing events that will be sure to inject a little creative colour to your weekend. From contemporary art, dance to classical folk, The Model is a one-stop shop for all your cultural and entertainment needs. To present what’s on offer, we have crafted a list:

5pm – Opening reception of High Winds Move Slowly

High Winds Move Slowly is a two-person exhibition featuring Dutch artists Arno Kramer and Henk Visch. This show, which is curated and toured by the Museum De Buitenplaats in the Netherlands, marks the first time that these two artists have been brought together in one exhibition. As well as showcasing the exhibition, a site-specific drawing that has been commissioned for the exhibition in The Model atrium.

To celebrate the opening of this dynamic exhibition, The Model will host an artist talk between Arno Kramer, Henk Visch and curator, Patty Wageman. This will be followed by contemporary dancer Iris Reyes, who will respond through movement and dance to the larger than life sculptures and large scale drawing in the gallery space. Reyes is a recipient of the “Best Dancer” award with the VSCD Zilveren Dansprijs. Since September 2006 Iris Reyes has been working as Ballet Mistress and Rehearsal Director for Introdans in Arnhem, where she assisted the esteemed choreographer Hans van Manen. A gifted dancer, Reyes will inspire and amaze with her powerful performance.

6pm – Drinks reception

At 6pm complimentary wine will be served in The Model Atrium. While enjoying a drink in the elegant surroundings of The Model Atrium, why not stick around to see the legendary New York based musical duo The Murphy Beds at 8pm? The café will also be opened, offering a selection of craft beers, teas and coffees. But before then, there is more to see. Our other excellent exhibitions are also open for the public to enjoy.

Artist Select, a unique exhibition in response to The Niland Collection is also open in the Foyer Gallery, featuring the work of artist Kiera O’ Toole. This is a new series that sees one of The Model studio artists (Kiera O’Toole) respond to the work of Arno Kramer, whose work is held in The Niland Collection. The resulting exhibition is a sensitive visual inquiry.

And for Yeats’ lovers, a colourful exhibition of the work of Jack B. Yeats is exhibiting in the beautifully lit Niland Gallery. Lives; Jack B. Yeats enables audiences to trace the development of key characters in Jack Butler Yeats’ work, through an exploration of his illustrations, pencil sketches, watercolours and the iconic oil paintings of his later mature period. A new & exciting feature of Lives is the recent acquisition of an original Jack B. Yeats’ sketchbook. Owing to the generosity of Claire and Kevin Connolly, The Model has acquired the artists’ visual journal. For Yeats, a sketchbook presented an opportunity to not only sketch the possibility of a new piece but also to capture life as he experienced it. For fans of Yeats, these sketchbooks provide a snapshot into the private dream world of one of Ireland’s most elusive artists.

8pm – Performance by The Murphy Beds in the theatre.

Polish your Brogue’s and get your flat caps ready for The Murphy Beds, a stunning musical duo that’s sure to get your feet tapping and your heart racing! By interweaving the exquisite talents of two world-class musicians, The Murphy Beds is an innovative and dynamic duo that will have you dancing in the aisles. The Murphy Beds (Jefferson Hamer and Eamon O’Leary) will perform traditional and original folk songs with close harmonies and deft instrumental arrangements on bouzouki, guitar, and mandolin. They have performed and collaborated with artists across the folk spectrum including Beth Orton, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Anais Mitchell, and Sam Amidon. The Murphy Beds have travelled the world, bringing their personal brand of folk music from New York to Belgium and Germany and now, to Sligo! The Murphy Beds will play one night only at The Model, so be sure to see them before they depart!

We hope you can join us on this cultural evening full of dance, performance, and visual art.

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Rebecca Kennedy

20 Jul. 2017

Cairde Visual Review

On the 6th of July, Cairde Visual opened in The Model. The exhibition is Cairde Sligo Arts Festival’s fourth annual open submission show. The exhibition features work from both national and international artists across a diverse range of media with over 100 pieces from 87 artists on display. The exhibiting artists were selected from hundreds of applications by a panel of esteemed judges consisting of Barra Cassidy, Christian Reeves, Emer McGarry, Pat Murphy and Cormac O’ Leary.

Cairde Visual began this year with an engaging artist talk & wine reception. Artist’s Anna Spearman, Ruth le Gear & Daniel Chester were invited to speak about their practice with education curator, Marie Louise Blaney. The thoughtful and playful talk explored the nature of each artist’s practice & their relationship with their environment.

The Artists:

Anna Spearman is an object-maker, a painter and a socially engaged arts practitioner. She initiated and collaborated with The Model on the development of the Sligo Global Kitchen project since 2015. Acting Director of The Model, Emer McGarry, had the honor of presenting The Model Cara Award to Anna Spearman. This award entitles it’s recipient to a two week residency in The Model’s state of the art artist studio. This award will see Anna develop a project for The Model’s Foyer gallery in 2018.

Ruth Le Gear is a Leitrim-based artist. She completed her BA in Fine Art at GMIT Galway in 2007. Her work is interdisciplinary, often combining text with video, photography, audio and other elements. In her practice, she combines empirical approaches, particularly water memory, with more intuitive processes of understanding non- physical phenomena. Ruth’s recent project & publication ‘Water Senses’ is available in The Model Shop.

Daniel Chester is a Leitrim- based artist, originally from Enniscrone, Sligo. Having completed his BA in IT Sligo in 2001, he spent time deepening his practice as a painter, before going on to complete a Masters in Visual Arts Practices in Dun Laoighre College of Art and Design in 2009. Daniel was the joint winner of The Model Cara Award 2016 (alongside Selma Makela, who was recently showed in the foyer gallery) and will be exhibiting in The Model later this year.

The talk was brought to a close with an announcement from Cairde creative director, Tara Mc Gowan, who named the winners of both The Hamilton Gallery Award and the Augural Cosgrove’s Delicatessen Prize. Noel Tighe & Hazel Merrigan were the joint winners of the Hamilton Gallery Award, which entitles the artists to an exhibition in one of Sligo’s newest galleries. Helen Merrigan Colfer was the lucky winner of the Augural Cosgrove’s Delicatessen Prize of €500.

The wine reception that followed was a roaring success with hordes of art-lover’s gathering in The Model to appreciate the colourful collection of work on display. The Model has always enjoyed a good party and spirits were high as the evening wore on. To add to the general delight of the gathering, several pieces were sold on the night in question. Today, the number rounds up at a healthy 10, not bad for an exhibition that has only been opened for a fortnight, eh? So why not drop by before the 06. Aug & take a walk around this eclectic and exciting new exhibition!

Cairde Visual is open till 06. Aug. 17

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Rebecca Kennedy

28 Jun. 2017

Cairde Sligo Arts Festival

The Model is hosting a number of events during Cairde Sligo Arts Festival, which takes place from 09 – 15 July and promises music, theatre and visual arts that will appeal to all ages.

The Model Presents Cairde Visual

From 06 Jul. – 06 Aug. The Model presents Cairde’s fourth annual open submission show. The exhibition features work from national and international artists across a diverse range of media with over 100 pieces from 87 artists on display. The show features a range of paintings and drawings, sculpture, film, photography and installation. The exhibiting artists were selected from hundreds of applications by a selection panel consisting of Barra Cassidy, Christian Reeves, Emer Mc Garry, Pat Murphy and Lorna Watkins.

Our family day with Chelsea Canavan this month will be a response workshop to Cairde Visual. Children aged 6+ and their parents / guardians. will explore installation design and print, taking inspiration from the exhibition. The Model Cafe will be serving up tasty treats for families wishing to stay on for lunch. Family day takes place on Sun 16 Jul. from 11:30am – 1pm and costs €10 for 1 adult with 1child and €2 for any additional child. Booking in advance is highly recommended as spaces are limited to 20. Book here

Kíla Family Concert
3pm 11 Jul.

Song of the Sea is a 2014 animated Irish fantasy/adventure film that won the European Film Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It’s a truly lovely tale of family bonds and Irish myths. Kíla composed the music for Song of the Sea and during this incredibly unique family concert; the Irish folk band will perform three of the songs they wrote for the film while Song of the Sea plays onscreen. Children and parents alike are invited to interact with the music throughout the concert through dancing and clapping, making it a truly interactive & magical experience. Get your tickets here: Adults: €12 / U18s Go See: €6

The Model Cafe will have a children’s ‘special of the day’ on the menu – Tasty Tortillas!

Bottlenote Music: The Walls have Ears
6pm & 8pm, 14 & 15 Jul.

Commissioned by Cairde SAF with support from The Model, Bottlenote Music’s The Walls Have Ears takes place over two evening at No. 2 John Street, Sligo. For the first time in it’s history, this magical, site-specific experimental session of improvised music will cross the boundaries of Ireland’s capital city and take place in Sligo.

Performers include Bottlenote’s Sean MacErlaine and Shane Latimer. MacErlaine plays clarinet and live electronics, while Latimer plays guitar and modular synths. Joining them for this gig will be Claudia Schwab, Phil Minton and Jennifer Walshe. During each of the four sessions, the audience will be lead from room to room to witness a series of improvisations, explosive sets and moments of magic. It’s improvised, so no two shows are the same – and the artists don’t even know what they will do until they start playing.

Places are limited to just twenty per performance, booking is with Cairde Sligo Arts Festival.

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Rebecca Kennedy

Related Programming

20 Jun. 2017

The Model is in Vogue (quite literally)

The Model is proud to announce that we have been featured in Vogue’s ‘Where The Vogue Editors Are Holidaying This Summer’ article. The article, which features Sligo alongside holiday havens like Italy, Ibiza and Greece, sees the Vogue U.K. team choose their top holiday destinations for 2017. Sligo was top pick for news editor Scarlett Conlon, who was lured to Yeats’ country by its cultural and artistic history, boutique shops, beaches and bustling restaurant scene.

Alongside The Model, Sligo businesses The Cat and The Moon, Breeogue Pottery, Liber and Mullaneys got an international shout out for their artisan merchandise. The Model was featured in the ‘Don’t leave without’ section and we couldn’t agree more. Visiting Yeats’ country without stopping by to see an original Yeats in our current exhibition Jack. B Yeats: Lives or taking in some contemporary art with Ronnie Hughes: Strange Attractors would be sacrilege!

The Model is also delighted to be able to contribute to the bustling restaurant scene that is luring international customers to Sligo’s pale, sandy shores. The Model Café is now open for business with a menu that offers a little more then local cuisine. Our new chef, Juan Sevilla Jimenez has intertwined elegant, simple dishes made with the finest local produce with a Mexican twist. So come on by and see for yourself why The Model is listed as a must see by Vogue!

To see the full article, click here

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Rebecca Kennedy

13 Jun. 2017

Interview with our new Café Chef Juan Sevilla Jimenez

The Model Café is open for business. So now is the perfect time to get to know the chef behind Sligo’s newest café. Juan Sevilla Jimenez is originally from Mexico but now calls Sligo home. We caught up with him to get the low-down on his grand plans for The Model Café.

How did you end up coming to Ireland?

I was living in New York. I was working in an Irish pub, where I had been working for four years. I used to be a bartender. I met my girlfriend there. She was the waitress. I met her the first year I worked there. We worked together for two years. Then we decided to move to Ireland. I know two Mexican guys who are in the same boat. They met Irish girls abroad and ended up moving to Ireland with them. Small world!

What was your first impression of The Model?

The first time I came to The Model was for a Baroque concert. My partner plays the flute and she is part of the group. She has been playing with the Baroque group for seven or eight years. When I walked into The Model and thought it was a really nice place: it’s really tranquil and light.

Where did you work before?

I worked in Fabbrica, the Italian restaurant on Rockwood Parade. I was the second chef there. It was really nice. The staff worked very well together but I decided to come to The Model because I was looking for a new opportunity and a new experience.

What’s your vision for The Model?

I have a lot of ideas. The atrium is a calm & beautiful, it would be a really nice place to have dinner! I’ve also got a lot of ideas for the menu. I would like to create more breakfast dishes and devote one day a week to serving Mexican dishes. A Mexican day could be great too!

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Rebecca Kennedy

8 Jun. 2017

The Model Cafe is open!

Foodies and caffeine addicts alike will be delighted to hear that The Model’s much-anticipated brand new café has opened. Taking pride of place in the heart of The Model atrium, The Model Café will make a fantastic addition to the bustling café scene in Sligo town. The menu at The Model Café is designed to showcase the finest of Sligo produce to reflect the unique flavor of the county, as well as interweaving a Mexican twist with local cuisine thanks to our fabulous chef Juan.

The Model Café caters to all your caffeine needs with all the usual suspects: strong Espressos, smooth lattes, indulgent hot chocolates as well as stocking a selection of refreshing herbal teas. To keep us happy during this unusual spell of warm weather (fingers crossed that it sticks around) The Model offers chilled soft drinks like San Pellegrino. For all you healthnuts out there, The Model Café also has a fine array of Vit-Hit to replenish and revive!

If you are stopping whilst out on a leisurely stroll or just out to enjoy a light brunch in the beautiful surroundings of The Model atrium, then the pastries selection is sure to put a smile of your face. The selection of delicacies includes savory croissants and delicious Danish swirls, all freshly baked and made with the finest ingredients. If it’s lunch you’re after then The Model Café has you covered. Featuring dishes like the The Mexican: spicy chorizo & crushed avocado, roasted peppers and tomato on a bed of lush mixed salad served in a wrap, ciabbatta or in a classic salad. The Model Café serves a menu of elegant, simple dishes with an exotic edge.

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7 Jun. 2017

Yeats Day and The LilyLolly Craftfest Event

Join us at The Model to celebrate Yeats Day and The LilyLolly Craftfest with two fantastic events:

Jack Yeats at The Model Lunch Time Tour, 1.30 pm, Tues. 13, Jun
Come and join us on Yeats Day for a walk through our current exhibitions: Jack B. Yeats; Lives and Ronnie Hughes: Strange Attractors.

Nora Niland Lecture, 7pm, Wed. 14, Jun.
‘One a Gazelle; the Eva Gore-Booth that Yeats never knew’ delivered by Professor Sean Golden.

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Rebecca Kennedy

6 Jun. 2017

Ronnie Hughes; Strange Attactors - Educational Booklet

The education department has produced a beautiful and educational booklet for kids and parents to take along to Ronnie Hughes: Strange Attractors.

‘Using this guide, children and their parents can have hours of fun navigating the exhibition Strange Attractors by Ronnie Hughes. Engaging and interactive, this guide is packed with word searches, puzzles and drawing ideas to help you unlock clues to unraveling the meaning behind the many layers of colour and abstract patterns in the artist’s paintings. The children’s guide is free of charge and can be picked up at The Model reception.’_ – Marie Louise Blaney

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Rebecca Kennedy

5 Jun. 2017

Italian students enjoy their experience at The Model

One would be hard pushed to find a harder working set of individuals outside of the legion of volunteers and students whose commitment, talent and dedication, keep The Model ticking over, year round. The Model was recently lucky enough to play host to three Italian students who spent a fortnight of their Erasmus year in Sligo. The students: Martina Pensato, Anna Biferale and Desire Spigali came from Ladispoli, Lazlo, Italy to Ireland to gain experience in the tourism industry and improve their English. During their work experience, the girls learnt the inside business of what it takes to run a contemporary arts centre like The Model. Think Andy, Anne Hathaway’s much harassed character in ‘The Devil wears Prada’ and you’ve got the gist. Just kidding!

In the course of their stay, the student’s invigilated exhibitions, assisted at the front desk and even helped out in the marketing department, where their tech savvy skills were put to good use. Martina Pensato found this exposure to the inner workings of the art world the most valuable aspect of her experience in The Model: ‘I liked the work at the Model because I like to work with art,’ said Martina, ‘We were happy that we choose to work in The Model because we learned that a museum is not just a destination for a day trip, it has it’s own culture that is a way of life.’

Where Martina enjoyed the work, Anna Biferale was preferred the social aspect that being part of The Model entails. ‘The people of The Model are very kind. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the staff.’ Desire Spigali agreed. ‘The staff of The Model have made the two weeks of our Erasmus that we have spent in Sligo worth our while.’ The students also managed to teach us a thing or two. Several members of The Model staff are now fluent in multiple Italian curse words, which will come in handy, should we are to ever find ourselves offended in Italy.

The Model would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Martina Pensato, Anna Biferale and Desire Spigali for their hard work. We wish you the best of luck in your future!

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Rebecca Kennedy

2 Jun. 2017

Ronnie Hughes: Strange Attractors - Walk Through

Ronnie Hughes began his career as an artist after receiving an MA in Fine Art from the University of Ulster. Since then, Hughes has had numerous solo shows in Ireland and taken part in prestigious group shows in New York, Chicago, London and Germany. As an award-winning artist, Hughes has been the selected for highly sought residencies such as a one-year residency in New York, and three-month residencies at Banff Arts Center, Canada and Bemis Arts Center, Nebraska.

As part of a national tour that will see Hughes’ work travel to Limerick City Gallery and The Royal Hibernian Dublin, Hughes’ latest solo show has opened in The Model. ‘Strange Attractors’ is an exhibition of elegant abstracts. Hughes work is complex: registering everything from an existential longing to understand the world to theoretical psychics. Hughes’ work is also aesthetically pleasing, with blasts of clashing colour and kitschy geometrics reminiscent of late 1960’s American interior design.

The ‘Strange Attractors’ journey begins in gallery A. Gallery A houses some of Hughes, small scale more intimate works. Colour Mechanics, (2016) Klacto, (2016) and Polychrome (2016) are stand out pieces. The theory of using a confined small to showcase Hughes smaller works continues into Gallery B, which showcases dynamic pieces like Cascade (2017), Palette (2017) & Limbo (2017). Gallery C, D and East present Hughes’ larger, visually dominating works. The lofty spaces balances the larger pieces well, particularly Badass (2016) and Klikkak (2015), by setting them opposite other pieces, creating a confrontational effect between these strange attractors.

As well as painting, Hughes show offers a series of gouache drawings. The symmetry of line created within Propus I, Propus II and Propus III, located in Gallery C, are heavily reminiscent of infamous imagery of theoretical physics and science fiction, making the exhibition a very optically interesting experience. Hughes ‘Strange Attractors’ is not limited to geometrical forms. With the exhibition, strokes of loose, free-forming chaotic lines and shapes appear amongst more, formal structured shapes.

Ronnie Hughes: Strange Attractors will be on show in The Model until 22. Jun. 2017.

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Rebecca Kennedy