1 Mar. 2019

Carducci Quartet with Julian Bliss Clarinet

This concert will take place 8pm Friday 22. Mar.

The concert programme is an incredible mixture of old and new, A Haydn quartet, a beautiful piece by American composer David Bruce and dulcis in fundo Brahms’glorious clarinet quintet with celebrity clarinettist Julian Bliss.

Gumboots, written in 2008, is a quintet for clarinet and strings in which the composer looks to Gumboot dancing – born out of how black miners in apartheid South Africa, forbidden to speak, communicated by slapping their boots and chains. After a long opening movement of heat haze, come five increasingly complex dances, reverberating with the smack of wood and bow on string and with the wheeling, almost klezmer-like playing of Julian Bliss, who flits seamlessly between regular and bass clarinet. The joyous rhythmic barrage of the finale could almost be out of a Falla Ballet.
Believe me this is a glorious piece that I was determined to bring to Sligo audiences.

The Model booking at 071-9141405 or www.themodel.ie

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Rebecca Kennedy