6 Apr. 2009

Construction begins

Construction has begun on the main section of the redevelopment contract for the Model Arts and Niland Gallery

Construction has begun on the main section of the redevelopment contract for the Model Arts and Niland Gallery

The Model Arts and Niland Gallery in Sligo is delighted to announce that construction has commenced on its ambitious redevelopment in Sligo. Already one of the country’s leading centres for contemporary culture, this redevelopment will see the building increase in size by over a third and allow the Model Niland to fully realise its potential as a flagship cultural centre in Ireland. The new extension will deliver high-level artists studios and incubation spaces for creative industries, a purpose built performance space and a new flagship entrance, while the redevelopment to the existing building will deliver a new gallery, a destination restaurant and additional education spaces. Together these works will combine to create a world-class cultural centre with an unparalleled visitor experience marking Sligo on the international cultural map.

In the current economic climate, this announcement is sure to be a welcome one for the people of Sligo and the Arts Community nationwide. The redevelopment of the Model Niland has been spearheaded by Sligo County Council and assisted by a recent award of �600,000 from the Sligo Borough Council. The commencement of the project is a clear display of confidence on the part of the local authorities in the development of Sligo into the future, and also underscores the significance and importance placed on Culture and the Arts in developing this future.

Chair of the Model Arts and Niland Gallery Bernadette O’Shea adds: “The commencement of this project is a hugely welcome public step toward the Future Model and the future of Sligo which would not have been possible without the tireless work of the County Council and the support of Sligo Borough Council. The partnership of local and national government in funding this project, supported by significant private sector fundraising through the Future Model Development Board, is an exemplary model for successful funding partnerships and we are hugely appreciative to all our supporters for their belief in this project. The Arts are a crucial backbone in the creation of a developed, progressive society and the development of this project is a testament to Sligo’s ambition for the future.”

The estimated cost of the project is �5 million euros. Grants of �3.5 million have been awarded from Central Government via the Department of Arts Sports and Tourism’s Access grants and the significant funding of �600K from the Borough Council, announced in February, came at a crucial time for the development. Contributions from private donors are being sought through the Future Model Development Board (and all donations are welcomed through the redevelopment NIB Account number 80037559 Sort: 95-17-23)

The contract has been awarded to SISK and it is expected that works will be completed by the end of the year. The project will create much-needed construction jobs for Sligo.

Their temporary closure has not halted the Model Niland in the provision of their acclaimed challenging and experimental programme however, now delivered through a busy “offsite” season of exhibitions, music and education events. Model Offsite ’09 has led to the opening of a significant temporary exhibition space in the heart of downtown Sligo which is currently showing the first of two major international exhibitions: Signals in the Dark: Art in the Shadow of War. The second exhibition; Medium Religion, will come from leading international centre for contemporary art and new media; ZKM in May, and will feature the work of over 30 international artists.

Both exhibitions form a series of artist projects, film screenings, discussions, tours and forums that centre on representations of contemporary ideological and socio-political realities. While the first project takes a hard look at the profane world of war, the second enters sideways into a provocative discussion on the sacred world of religions. Alongside these exhibitions are a range of Education Programming, Artist Commissions, and Music Programming.

The Model Arts and Niland Gallery gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council and Sligo Local Authorities in making this ambitious offsite programme possible.

Full details of the Model Niland’s redevelopment and offsite programme can be found on www.modelart.ie

read an earlier post from the launch of the redevelopment fundraising with Minster Mansergh

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