25 Nov. 2011

Dark Room Notes - One Day to Go

It’s Friday! One day to go! I’m excited now and can’t wait to perform tomorrow. On Tuesday we finally stopped looking at the film as a series of random scenes with pet names like ‘Cliff’ and ‘Parabola/Curve’ and start viewing it as a whole piece again. We’ve played the film through a few times and will do so again this evening. Yesterday I finally got my head around what patches I’ll be using. I’ll be using four synthesizers. Four synthesizers equals tens of banks with hundreds of patches! Too much choice! I decided to limit myself to a few patches. I think it helps with the cohesion of the sound throughout the film. Getting lost in the machine is sometimes fun but here I need to focus on the melodies more. I think it’s important that the sounds become familiar too. Ferrie will mainly be focusing on the guitar but will dabble from time to time with a synth. So that’s it! Almost done and dusted, nearly out the gap. Come on down tomorrow! We’ll see ya there!

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Tara McGowan


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