24 May. 2011

Harun Farocki Exhibition - Help Us 'Fund It' for Great Rewards

The Model is using a fantastic new initiative to assist with funding Harun Farocki’s Recognition and Tracking, a very special exhibition and film workshop taking place here this summer.

Fund It works by allowing arts supporters to assist with the project by offering them rewards in exchange for donations. It’s called crowd sourcing, and it’s a terrific way for supporters to get a chance to enjoy special privileges such as private tours, event invites and gifts in exchange for monetary support.

Farocki will be making a film with local community members during his stay in Sligo this summer, and through Fund It The Model is seeking pledges of support to help fund both the installation of the exhibition and the making of this film.

And it’s easy to be a supporter. With pledge amounts starting at just €10, anyone can become a part-time patron of the arts – so please offer your help!

Click Here To Make Your Pledge

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Anne Mullee

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