17 Apr. 2012

Ireland's Favorite Painting

The campaign to find Ireland’s Favorite Painting got underway in earnest last night with the screening of Masterpiece on RTE1 at 10.15. We are really excited here at The Model, with the inclusion of Jack B Yeats Communicating with Prisoners, 1922 from The Niland Collection. Jack is one of Ireland’s best loved painters of the twentieth century and this painting is one of a number of iconic scenes he painted during the civil war. We are particularly delighted to be the only regional collection to have a work represented in the top ten.

‘Communicating with Prisoners’ will be on view at The Model from May 12 as part of Yeats & Son, an exhibition that looks at the work of both Jack and his painter father John Butler Yeats.

Jack’s up against stiff competition with 9 other wonderful paintings in the running. If you love Jack B Yeats as much as we do then cast your vote here .

Jack B. Yeats, Communicating with Prisoners, Oil on canvas, 1924, © Dacs on behalf of the artist’s estate.

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Emer McGarry


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