1 Mar. 2010

The Irish Blog Awards

We are delighted to announce that this blog has been nominated for Best Arts and Culture blog in the Irish Blog Awards 2010. It’s a long list of some of Ireland’s great arts and cultural blogs and we are thrilled to be included. A few of the blogs from our category that we love staying up to date with include The Performance Corporation, PantiBar, Etsy Ireland, and Irish Street Art. Thanks to Poetry Ireland for sponsoring the event and to Damien Mulley for organising the awards.

Our blog is maintained by the Marketing Department (ie. Aoife and Denise) but the whole organisation contributes to articles to provide an all round view of how The Model operates from day to day. When we are working on new projects or exhibitions we always make sure to ask artists and groups to contribute something towards a blogpost giving space to different voices within The Model, so for example our visual programme assistant Lara wrote recently about an exhibition tour she gave in Ballina, Young Model curator Linda wrote about a trip to the Exchange in Dublin with the young Model group, and again for GradCam, Marketing Assistant Denise blogged about a Josh Ritter gig in October and Young Model group member Jason wrote on his experiences of the YM programme.

We have just realised today that on April 16th our blog shall celebrate it’s second birthday. It also nicely coincides with the first event to be held at the new Model building, the Sligo New Music Festival.

So if you are here visiting us for the first time, we’d like to say a big hello to you and to those who voted for us, a big thank you to you too!

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