14 Feb. 2019

Valentine's Day at The Model

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are bringing you a series of three paintings from the Niland Collection that capture love in all its glory. These paintings are currently on show in the exhibition, The Keeper; To have and to hold. This exhibition will continue until 14. Apr.

Stephen and Mary Mc Kenna, 1912 by Mary Duncan

This portrait, which depicts the writer and translator Stephen Mc Kenna (1872–1934), and his American wife Mary, was painted at their home 5 Seaview Terrace, Donnybrook, Dublin by Mary Duncan. Lazing in the backyard on a balmy day, the painting captures the comfort and intimacy the couple shared.

William and Mary, 1946 by Sean Keating

Keating’s first visit to the Aran Islands in 1914 had a deep impact on his life and art. He concluded that the essence of Irishness resided in the inhabitants of the west and in works such as William and Mary where Keating elevated country folk to native nobility. This couple, that may or may not have existed due to Keating’s penchant for re-using his model’s images throughout his work, is possibly the artist’s understanding of an Irish relationship.

Leaving Far Point, 1946 by Jack B. Yeats

Jack Yeats gave this painting to his wife Cottie on her birthday in 1947. Sadly, she passed away just two months later. It shows Yeats, Cottie and his favourite uncle, George Pollexfen, walking at Rosses Point, on the north side of Sligo bay. As George had passed away in 1910, the painting is a merging of memories and desire, bringing together the two most important people in Yeats’ life. In the painting the figures are almost subsumed into the surrounding sea and sky, their forms tenuously delineated in paint, in a manner analogous to the weakness of memory itself.

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Rebecca Kennedy