8 Jun. 2011

Young Model interview artist Ronnie Hughes

Young model are back with an interview from the artist Ronnie Hughes. Over the last two years young model has interviewed a number of artists from The Niland Collection. This involved young model traveling around Ireland to interview them in their studios.

Young Model have also interviewed artists from The Model’s contemporary exhibitions including artist Seamus Nolan who talks about his practice and the Trades Club Revival in Sligo.

Young Model have also interviewed a number of the artist collectives who were part of the reopening exhibition DORM at The Model May last year.

Young Model devised all the questions, filmed and edited all the interviews. The artists they have interviewed to date are Séan McSweeney, Barrie Cooke, Patrick Hall, Nick Miller, Dorothy Cross, Ronnie Hughes, Séamus Nolan, Mark Garry, Paul Butler , Swintak, BGL, Freee, Fastwurms, RAQS Media Collective, Stephen Brandes and Jacki Irvine, Boris Groys and Duncan Campbell will be coming your way soon.

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